The Organization of Staff Analysts (OSA) is a vibrant and growing union of professionals in public service. We represent employees of the City of New York in the Analyst title series serving in more than 50 City agencies, as well as other municipal employees in a range of professional titles. You will find a complete list of titles represented by OSA at this link or lower down on this page.

Founded in late 1969 as a professional organization, OSA became the official collective bargaining agent for Analysts in the Board of Education in 1985. Since then, OSA has won collective bargaining rights for previously unorganized New York City employees in the remaining City agencies, the New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA), the Health and Hospitals Corporation (HHC), and the Transit Authority (TA).

OSA is a member of the Municipal Labor Committee, a coalition of unions representing the majority of New York City employees.

OSA is committed to organizing the unorganized. We most recently gained the right to represent Directors of Information Services and Associate Directors of Hospitals at NYC Health + Hospitals, Health Systems Managers, Administrative Staff Analysts at Levels II and III in all City agencies, and Administrative Community Relations Specialists.

OSA is governed by an elected nine-member EXECUTIVE BOARD.

Chairperson Robert J. Croghan
Vice-Chairperson Michael Daflos
Treasurer Wilfrid St. Surin
Grievance Officer Adam Orgel
Corresponding Secretary John Mazzarella
Recording Secretary Stephen Parker
Delegates-at-Large Esther Blount, Ronald Lehman, Viviana Matwichuk

Also part of the OSA "family" is the Organization of Staff Analysts and Related Titles (OSART), an affiliated professional organization for City employees who wish to participate in service-related aspects of the union other than collective bargaining, such as civil service exam training.


Chairperson Robert J. Croghan
Vice-Chairperson Jeanne O'Sullivan
Treasurer Alice Moise
Grievance Officer Stephen Werner
Corresponding Secretary Tony Lee
Recording Secretary Jay W. Warshofsky
Delegates-at-Large Naomi Aice, Jeannette Emmarco, Dolores Parson


Analysts are individuals who are employed to break complex matters down into their component parts to enable greater understanding. So in the broader world, there are psychoanalysts, chemical analysts, financial analysts, and terrorism analysts. In New York City government, we are analysts who are on staff, therefore staff analysts.

The Analyst title job description provides New York City agencies enormous management flexibility; the job duties of the average Analyst change frequently with the needs of his/her agency.

Analysts for the Traffic Department are in the street checking traffic flow. Analysts in Welfare Centers verify work done and design improved systems. Analysts edit agency publications. Analysts approve contracts and do staff training. Analysts do audits and write procedures. They design forms and do personnel work. They write grant proposals and devise time-keeping systems. Analysts design computer management information systems. They study infectious diseases for the Department of Health, arrest reports for the Police Department, community development for the Department of City Planning, air quality for the Department of Environmental Protection and how much money remains after doing all these things for the Financial Information Services Agency.

All Analysts have one common denominator in their daily work. They help City government do its work well.


In 2020, the Organization of Staff Analysts (OSA) represents approximately 5,000 municipal workers in the following titles organized into two bargaining units. You can also download a flyer with all of the titles represented by OSA at this link.

ORGANIZATION OF STAFF ANALYSTS (OSA) Bargaining Certificate #3-88 Collective Bargaining Unit #180

  • Administrative Community Relations Specialist

  • Administrative Staff Analyst Levels I, II, and III

  • Administrative Test and Measurement Specialist

  • Analyst (Campaign Finance Board) Levels II and III

  • Assistant Director of Intergroup Relations

  • Assistant Director of Training and Development

  • Assistant Planning Scheduling Analyst

  • Assistant Systems Analyst

  • Associate Director of Hospitals

  • Associate Staff Analyst

  • Budget Analyst (Independent Budget Office)

  • Budget Analyst (Comptroller)

  • Clinical Business Analyst Levels I, II, III

  • Clinical Documentation Specialist Level 1, 2

  • Confidential Strategy Planner (ACS, Comptroller, DCAS, DoITT, DOT, HMH, HPD, HRA)

  • Deputy Assistant Director, CCRB Levels I and II

  • Director of Information Services

  • Director of Planning

  • Director of Tenant and Community Affairs

  • Director of Workforce Training & Staff Development

  • Health Services Manager Levels I and II

  • Insurance Adviser (Housing Authority)

  • Junior Clinical Business Analyst

  • Management Analyst (DCAS) Levels I and II

  • Manager, Scheduling and Control (EDP)

  • MetroPlus Care Coordinator Levels I and II

  • MetroPlus Utilization Review/Management Coordinator Levels I and II

  • NYCAPS Process Analyst Levels I and II

  • Ombudsman (Juvenile Justice)

  • Planner-Production Control & Scheduling (EMS Motor Transport)

  • Planning-Scheduling Analyst

  • Program Manager, Training and Development Levels I & II

  • Program Analyst

  • Senior Auditor

  • Senior Consultant, Management Information Services, Levels I, II, III

  • Senior Healthcare Program Planner Analyst

  • Senior Management Consultant (Business Organization and Methods) Levels I and II

  • Senior Management Consultant (HMH) Levels I and II

  • Senior Systems Analyst

  • Staff Analyst Levels I & II

  • Staff Analyst Trainee

  • Strategic Initiative Specialist (NC-DEP, NC-DOT, NC-HRA)

  • Supervising Systems Analyst (HMH)

  • Supervising Training and Development Associate

  • Supervisor of Traffic Device Maintainers Levels II and III

  • Systems Analyst

  • Systems Project Leader (EDP)

  • Test and Measurement Intern Levels I and II

  • Tests and Measurement Specialist Levels I, II and III

  • Training and Development Associate Levels A and B

  • Training and Development Representative

  • Training Development Specialist Levels I and II

  • Training Development Specialist Trainee Step I and II

    ORGANIZATION OF STAFF ANALYSTS (OSA) Bargaining Certificate #9-2001 Collective Bargaining Unit #183

  • Administrative Traffic Enforcement Agent (NYPD)

  • Administrative School Security Manager (NYPD)

  • Associate Supervisor of School Security (NYPD)


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