OSA: The Story Of Our Union

Produced for the 40th Anniversary of the Organization of Staff Analysts, this video celebrates the growth of our union from 38 members in 1985 to the more than 5,000 members we represent today, the functions of the union in serving members, and the role dedicated civil servants play in the effective running of New York City government.

Depending on the speed of your internet connection, you may encounter buffering and playback problems. If you do, try these three things: (1) Clear your browser's cache (2) Clear your browser's cookies. (3) Pause the video. Allow the red loading bar to load completely to the end of the player. Once the video has fully loaded, try playing the video again.

Once you have clicked play, you may also change the playback of the video to High Definition by clicking on the number 360p and a list of resolutions will appear. Click on 720p HD.

You may also wish to view this illustrated history of the union up to 2010:

Illustrated History of the Organization of Staff Analysts