The Organization of Staff Analysts takes pride in the quality of service we provide to our members. In this section of our website, you will find a description of the Organization of Staff Analysts Welfare Fund benefits, details of some of our other services to members, and various forms that you may use to take advantage of OSA's Welfare Fund benefits. Copies of the current Citywide Agreement and our various current and past local unit agreements with the City of New York and related employers can also be found here.

Under "Join OSA," workers employed by the City of New York, the Transit Authority, New York City Health + Hospitals and the NYC Housing Authority who are represented by OSA can complete a digital dues checkoff authorization card that, when completed and submitted, enrolls you as a voluntary member of OSA, entitled to full democratic rights in your union.

On the "Welfare Fund Benefits" and "Additional Benefits" pages, you will find information about our superimposed major medical, optical, dental, and life insurance benefits, long and short term disability insurance, and other benefits.

All workers represented by OSA, except those in the Transit Authority, are covered by the OSA Welfare Fund benefits. TA analysts have their own benefits, through their employment.

If you are in a title represented by OSA and have not completed the Vital Data Sheet, the Basic Life Insurance Beneficiary Form and the Civil Service Salary Information Form, you should print, complete, and return them to the Welfare Fund by mail to: OSA Welfare Fund, 220 East 23rd Street, Suite 707, New York NY 10010.


If you are newly hired in a title represented by OSA, please give us a call at (212) 686-1229 to let us know you exist! We will mail you a welcome letter, along with the most important forms to complete and return - or you can download more information at the links below. Please read it all, starting with the "New Member Welcome Letter," and call us at (212) 686-1229 if you have any questions.

  • New Member Welcome Letter Please read this first. This PDF also includes a copy of the three forms we mentioned above which must be returned to us: the Welfare Fund Vital Data Sheet, the Basic Life Insurance Beneficiary Form and the Civil Service Salary Information Form. Print them out, complete them and either email them to George Morgan at or mail them to the OSA Welfare Fund, Attn: George Morgan, 220 East 23rd Street, Suite 707, New York NY 10010.

    In addition, the OSA Dues Checkoff Authorization Card is also enclosed in your welcome packet. You may print it out, complete it and return it by mail, along with the other three forms, or you may go to the next link to sign the card digitally:

  • OSA Dues Checkoff Authorization Card Sign this digital card to become a voluntary union member with the right to vote on contracts and for union officers.

  • "Why Join A Union" Flyer Information on the value of voluntarily joining your union.

  • OSA Welfare Fund Benefits Booklet An overview of OSA's Welfare Fund benefits.

  • OSA's Excellent Benefits Part 2 A summary of union benefits not covered in the Welcome Letter and the services provided by the union.

  • OSA Welfare Fund Vital Data Sheet A form to provide the Welfare Fund with information about yourself and your dependents. Please complete and return it to us.

  • Basic Life Insurance Beneficiary Form Complete this form to name your beneficiar(ies) for basic life insurance provided free by the OSA Welfare Fund. Please complete and return it to us.

  • Civil Service Salary Information Form A form to help us ensure that your salary is correct. Please complete and return it to us.

  • Dental Claim Form For Non-Participating Providers

  • Participating Dentist Instructions How to find a participating dentist.

  • Vision Benefits Brochure

  • Winston Financial Short Term Disability Plan Information

  • Winston Financial Disability Accident Rider Flyer

  • HIPAA Notice How we handle your personal information.

  • Information About OSA's Phone Hotline & The OSA Website

  • Summary Guide to the OSA Website

  • Optional Term Life Insurance: You will separately receive a packet of information about optional term insurance available to you from Lincoln Financial, along with information on how to purchase this optional insurance.

  • Young Adult Dependent Welfare Fund Coverage Welfare Fund options for young adult dependents. Those 19-26 may be automatically covered. Those 26-29 may purchase coverage.

    Finally, you may link directly from the optical benefits section of the Welfare Fund Benefits page to our vision care provider, DavisVision. At their site, you will be able to search for a list of optical providers geographically.

    You may also link directly to our dental benefit provider, Self-Insured Dental Services (SIDS) from the dental benefits section of the OSA Welfare Fund Benefits page. On the SIDS website, you may determine your eligibility for benefits, find plan providers, and print copies of plan descriptions and forms.

    A reminder: to print forms, you will need a copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader on your hard drive. To download a free copy of Acrobat Reader, click here. Be sure to follow all installation instructions.

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