If you are in an OSA-represented title and covered by the main unit agreement recently negotiated between the union and the City of New York, you can use the calculator below to calculate your new gross salary after each of the five raises coming your way during the contract term. Enter either your current biweekly or annual salary in the yellow box and then hit enter on your keyboard. The boxes to the right will populate themselves showing your new salary after each raise is applied. If you wish to plug in a different set of numbers, you will need to reload the page first to return the calculator to its initial empty state.

Remember that the 2021 raise is a flat 3% and the 2022, 2023, 2024 and 2025 raises are compounded amounts.

For those in the mayoral agencies, the City has notified the union that the $3,000 signing bonus, the raises and retroactive wages will all appear in your paycheck for April 26, 2024. For those in the NYC Housing Authority, the signing bonus and raise will appear in the check for April 18, 2024 and the retroactive wage payments will appear separately in the paycheck for May 2, 2024.

New York City Health + Hospitals has already issued the $3,000 signing bonus in the March 1, 2024 paycheck. The raises and retroactive payments for its employees are arriving in three parts. The initial 3% retroactive payment, effective from 9/6/21, was disbursed on March 29, 2024. The subsequent 3% retroactive increase, effective from 9/6/22, follows on April 12, 2024. Finally, the 3% retroactive increase from 9/6/23 will be paid on May 10, 2024. On each of these dates, members will receive both the retroactive payments owed for that period and the applicable General Wage Increase going forward.

New York City Health + Hospitals members who received a promotional or merit increase since 2021, however, will not follow this schedule. Those individuals are being paid in June. This affects less than 30% of OSA members at H+H. All those affected by this payment delay should have received an email from the agency on March 28th. The payment will come on June 21, 2024 for those in this situation. Any questions about this, we recommend you contact your human resources/payroll staff.

Please remember that this contract applies to the mayoral agencies, NYCHA and New York City Health+Hospitals. It does not apply to those employees we represent in the Public Advocate's Office, the Transit Authority and the Uniformed Unit (Traffic Enforement and School Safety) at the NYC Police Department. Those titles are subject to their own contracts which are negotiated separately from the main unit agreement.

These calculators are for estimation purposes only. Overtime hours worked will be included in retroactive pay. These calculations are gross-before-taxes amounts.

A reminder: sometimes unique circumstances in a given agency have been known to delay payment beyond the originally projected payment date.


You may use the calculator below to estimate how much retroactive pay you may expect before taxes under the 2021-2027 main unit agreement. All calculations are estimates based on your working continuously in active status since September 6, 2021. Those who work part time or have had periods out of active status between September 6, 2021 and the date retro is paid, will receive lesser amounts of retroactive pay.

This calculator estimates retroactive payment through April 6, 2024 which is the end of the payroll period prior to the April 26 paydate when the raises will be put into effect, factoring in the pay lag.

If you wish to plug in a different set of numbers, you will need to reload the page first to return the calculator to its initial empty state.

The calculator below is intended for members at the New York City Housing Authority only. NYCHA is making its retroactive payment on May 2, 2024. The calculator estimates retroactive payment through March 30, 2024 which is the end of the payroll period prior to the April 18th paydate when the agency says the raises will be put into effect, factoring in the pay lag. The April 18th check will include your $3,000 signing bonus plus the higher wage rate. The retro amount, which ends with the April 4th pay period, will be added to the May 2nd check. (Please note that these dates are revised from those initially provided to the union by NYCHA and OLR.)


AVOIDING TAXES: If you are participating in the City's Deferred Compensation Plan, you may want to increase your contribution temporarily before the bonus and/or retro monies are paid to avoid the risk of being pushed into a higher tax bracket. Instructions for adjusting deferrals for existing DCP account holders and for opening new DCP accounts have been provided by the DCP to the union on the flyers we link below. Please follow the instructions carefully and, if you have any questions, please contact the Deferred Comp Plan directly at 212-306-7760.

Deferred Compensation Plan Instructions For OSA Members in the Mayoral Agencies

Deferred Compensation Plan Instructions For OSA Members in the NYC Housing Authority

Important Note: NYCHA revised its paydates after the Deferred Comp Plan produced this flyer. While the procedure for changing your deferral percentage remains as outlined on the flyer, you need to act by April 17 at 4pm to change your deferral percentages to be in place for the May 2nd paydate when the retro payment will be made.


FOR INDIVIDUALS IN TITLES RECENTLY ORGANIZED BY OSA. If your title joined the union after the effective dates for OSA's Retroactive Wage Increases (September 6, 2021, 2022, and 2023), you will only receive those increases that occurred after your title joined the union, in connection with the OSA contract implementation. Members in these titles that were unrepresented or managerial before joining OSA will receive their owed retroactive payments for those prior periods once the applicable managerial pay orders are implemented. Mayoral agencies have announced May 10, 2024, as the pay date for managerial employees, while Health + Hospitals has yet to announce a pay date for their managerial staff.To see the titles that were recently organized and the dates of first representation, click on the link below:

List Of Newly Organized Titles With First Date of OSA Representation

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