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The residency law was changed by the City Council in July of 2009. The actual law can be downloaded at this link.

For those in mayoral agencies, within 90 days of the start of your city service you must be a city resident. However, starting two years after the beginning of your city service, you can reside in Nassau, Westchester, Suffolk, Orange, Rockland or Putnam counties, as well as the five counties of New York City.

If you are thinking of moving out of the city, be sure your read the bill and have the required years of service. And remember, you may not move to New Jersey or Connecticut or any other New York County besides the ones named.

There are exceptions in non-mayoral agencies. For example, those employed by the NYC Housing Authority have never been subject to the residency requirements and may continue to live wherever they like and can afford. .

OSART — The Organization of Staff Analysts & Related Titles

A professional organization for those who wish to be part of the OSA "family," participating in most service-related aspects of our union's life other than collective bargaining. Our services include monthly mailings, exam training and appeals assistance, access to legal panel, and general membership and chapter meetings. The yearly fee to belong to OSART is $97.50. Click on the OSART icon to view and print the OSART membership application. A new browser window will open. After you've printed the application, close the new browser window to return to this page.

OSA's "Labor Hero of the Year" Award

Each year, starting in 1999, OSA has selected an individual or individuals in the labor movement who embody the best in City labor for that year.

In 1999, OSA awarded its Labor Hero of the Year Award to Donald Singer, president of the Council of Supervisors and Administrators; in 2000, to Randi Weingarten, leader of the United Federation of Teachers and head of the Municipal Labor Committee; in 2001, in a unique moment for New York labor, to all our civil service sisters and brothers who provide emergency services; in 2002 to several groups of organizers who created new unions or new units of OSA; in 2003 to the late Battalion Chief Tony Morelli, whose quiet work helped secure decent health benefits for all City workers; in 2004 to Joe Nazario, SSEU Local 371's Secretary-Treasurer; in 2005 to Lou Albano, Michael Collins and Joe Sperling, former union presidents (AFSCME Local 375 DC37, Transit Supervisors Organization and Local 371 DC37 respectively) who committed themselves to organizing new members; in 2006 to OSA's field organizers who have brought dignity and respect on the job to thousands of previously unorganized workers since 1985; in 2007, to OSA's former general counsel, Joan Stern Kiok, in 2008, to OSA's late treasurer Richard Guarino; in 2009, to State Senator Diane Savino and Assemblymember Peter J. Abbate, Jr; in 2010 to the late president of Social Service Employees Union/Local 371 of DC37 AFSCME Charles Ensley; in 2011 to OSA members activists and staffers Michael Collins, Marvin Lutenberg, Hank Mandel and Libby Mandel;in 2012 to Occupy Wall Street; in 2013 to the late OSA Chapter Chair Cecilia McCarthy and former Organizer Ida Chin; and in 2014 to Doctor's Council President Dr. Barry Liebowitz, DC37 Executive Director Lillian Roberts and CWA 1180 VP Linda Jenkins, all three of whom were retiring after long careers of service to city workers.

An advertisement in the civil service newspaper The Chief announces each award.Click on the images below to view full sized versions of each Chief ad.

UFT/OSA Joint Education Analyst Organizing Team

OSA Uniformed Chapter Activists

OSA Chief Negotiator Tim Collins

Linda Jenkins, Dr. Barry Liebowitz, Lillian Roberts

Chapter Chair Cecelia McCarthy and Organizer Ida Chin

Occupy Wall Street

Hank Mandel,Michael Collins, Marvin Lutenberg & Libby Mandel

SSEU/Local 371 President charles Ensley

NYS Senator Diane Savino & NYS Assemblymember Peter J. Abbate

OSA's Late Treasurer Richard Guarino

OSA's Former General Counsel, Joan Stern Kiok

OSA's Field Organizers

Lou Albano, Michael Collins, Joe Sperling

Joe Nazario, SSEU Local 371 Sec'y-Treasurer

Battalion Chief Tony Morelli

New Organizers

All Civil Servants Who Provide Emergency Services

Randi Weingarten, UFT

Donald Singer, CSA

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