The Labor Day Parade - 9/9/17

On Saturday, September 9, 2017, more than 75 members, relatives and friends marched up Fifth Avenue to help remind everyone of the power of organized labor in New York City.

Afterward, all of the marchers enjoyed a meal together at a local diner. Join us next year. It's important and it's fun.

Those joining OSA on the march this year were: Annis Ambris, David Anderson, Iris Bailey, Maxine Batie, Andrea Behrens, David Berger, Esther Blount, Timothy Boos, Jacqueline Bradnock-Merveil, Carol Brooks, Nadine Bryant, Asya Bychkov, Ben Bychkov, Eve Bychkov, Igor Bychkov, Rachel Chaiken, Ken Chez, Benjamin Chiang, Conrad Chiang, Debra Corwin, Robert Croghan, Regina Davis, Barbara Dillon, Joe Dillon, Jeanette Emmarco, Noreen Fabre-Stahl, Seth Frankel, Wayland Fung, Almeta Gadsden, Thomas Garvin, Sheila Gorsky, Kris Gounder, Pamela Graham, Stan Greenberg ,Anna Grigoratos, Denise Guess, John Harper, Verina Hilton-Thomas, James Hsi, Keith Kelly, Bobby Lee, Tony Lee, Ron Lehman, Webster Leung, Asha Mahanbas (we think), Param Maragatham, Kanna Maragatham, Irene Marlet, John Mazzarella, Stephen Parker, Charles Parson, Dolores Parson, Charlene Patrick, Sandra Prendergast, Una Prince, Ornette Proctor, Sheldon Ranz, Wendy Richards, Francisco Rios, Nilsa Rios, Tasha Rogers, John Scrofani, Lorraine Scrofani, Sam Sills, Robert Spencer, Paulette Starks, Jeri Stockbridge, Anna Torres,Troy Torres, Kim Wang,Theodore White, Eric Wollman, Dingni Yan, Frank Zhou, as seen in these photos taken by OSA Director of Media Services Rob Spencer. We could not read the names of about four people who signed in, so we are not able to acknowledge them.