The Labor Day Parade - 9/10/16

On Saturday, September 10, 2016, about 60 members, relatives and friends marched up Fifth Avenue to help remind everyone of the power of organized labor in New York City.

Afterward, all of the marchers enjoyed a meal together at a local diner. Join us next year. It's important and it's fun.

Those joining OSA on the march this year were Annis Ambris, Iris Bailey, Dora Blount, Richard Caits, Jackie Campbell, Rachel Chaiken, Robert Croghan, Esther Currenton, James Douglas, Meghan Dunn, Jeanette Emmarco, Delois Evans, Serena Freeman, Wayland Fung, Thomas Garvin, Mike Gordon, Sheila Gorsky, Pamela Graham, Brian Graham-Jones, Stan Greenberg, Anna Grigoratos, Abdul Hamada, Hanane Hamada, James Hsi, Lisa James, Glennis James, Betty Joseph, Alex Jourdain, Keith Kelly, Aloysius Kema, Bobby Lee, Kam Leong, Cirino Lotta, Anna Metzger, Julie Mohan, Bernetta Myers, Valerie Nesbitt, Vanessa Nguyen, Marilyn Percy, Larry Raccioppo, Sheldon Ranz, Sam Sills, Evelyn Smith, Zaron Spector, Michael Spector, Robert Spencer, Eboni Stoute, Sheila Tucker, Jacob Varghese, Charlene Walters, Kim Wang, Anisha Warner, Theodore White, and Lakima Whittle -- as seen in these photos taken by OSA Director of Media Services Rob Spencer. If we somehow missed you, we apologize in advance.