OSA Marches in the 2015 Labor Day Parade - 9/12/15

On Saturday, September 12, 2015, about 55 members, relatives and friends marched up Fifth Avenue to help assert the power of organized labor in New York City.

Of particular note were attendees Gladstone Nicholson and Sallie Stroman. Mr. Nicholson is an OSA retiree who came all the way from Georgia to march in his unionís Labor Day parade contingent. He joined OSA in the 1970ís and retired in the late 1980ís, just as we finally achieved our goal and became a union. Sallie, an activist in our retiree's club, was celebrating her birthday on the day of the march. Afterward, as all the the marchers enjoyed a meal together at a local diner, Sallie was presented with a red velvet cake in honor of her day. A photo of her and the cake are near the end of this slide show. Join us next year. It's important and it's fun.

Those joining OSA on the march this year were Michael Altman, Annis Ambris, Iris Bailey and her granddaughter, Rafiu Balogun, Cheryl Bryce, Robert Croghan, Esther Curenton,Joan Doheny, Jeannette Emmarco, Almeta Gadsden, Lorraine Gittens, Sheila Gorsky, Kris Gounder, Kanna Gounder, Param Gounder, Nizjoni Granville, Stan Greenberg, Anna Grigoratos, Abdel Hamada, Jasmine Hamada, Verina Hilton Thomas, Jared Hilton Thomas, Glennis James, Cheryl Jenkins, Keith Kelly, Ron Lehman, Irene Market, John Mazzarella, Anna Metzger, Steve Michejda,Lillian Morrison, Paula Morrison, Carol Moten, Valerie Nesbitt, Gladstone Nicholson, Stephen Parker, Belinda Parris, Charles Parson, Dolores Parson, Charlene Patrick, Tyrone Pettiford, Mattie Pettiford, Sheldon Ranz, Wendy Richards, John Rooney, Lorraine Rose Scrofani, Cristina Saenz, John Scrofani, Sam Sills, Evelyn Smith, Robert Spencer, Delois Stoute Evans, Sallie Stroman, Charlene Walters, and Stan Williams -- as seen in these photos taken by OSA Director of Media Services Rob Spencer, along with a contribution each from member Sam Sills and staffer Stan Williams. If we somehow missed you, we apologize in advance.