OSA Marches In The 2012 Labor Day Parade - 9/8/12

The largest OSA contingent yet marched in the 2012 Labor Day Parade up Fifth Avenue after a heavy morning rainstorm threatened the turnout. More than 60 members, retirees, family members and friends took part. (Photos: Rob Spencer, OSA Director of Media Services)

According to the sign-in sheets, here's who participated this year: Annis Ambris, Tom Anderson, Rafiu Balogun, Ganiat Balogun, Nanette Beatrice, Mitzie Blanc, Sofiya Brand, Martha Castellano, D’Andre Cid, Esther Cid, Stanley Cohen, Colleen Cox, Bob Croghan, Esther Curenton, Mike Daflos, Pranab Das, Joan Doheny, Tina Edwards, Chuck English, Delois Evans, John F. Manning, Almeta Gadsden, Maxine Gaskin, Sheila Gorsky, Anna Grigoratos, Christina Grigoratos, J. Hameh, Abdel Hamada, John Harper, Verina Hilton-Thomas, James Hsi, Keith Kelly, Monte Lavner, Bobby Lee, Betty Lee, Webster Leung, Judy Leung, Cecelia McCarthy, Alfred Milton, Carol Moten, Stephen Parker, Luz Pena, Marilyn Percy, Celina Reynolds, Wendy Richards, Nilsa Rios, Francisco Rios, Maria Ruparsio, Lorraine Rose Scrofani, John Scrofani, Michael Spector, Rob Spencer, Joseph Sperling, Paulette Starks, Janice Sweet, Stan Williams, Susan Wong, and Lisa Zaremski. (If we left anyone out or spelled your name wrong, we apologize in advance, but this is our best interpretation of what members wrote on the sign in sheets.)