Staff Analyst and Associate Staff Analyst Exams - 5/30/15

On Saturday, May 30, 2015, thousands of OSA members and non-members lined up to take the Staff Analyst exam, the promotional and open-competitive Associate Staff Analyst exams, and some Education Analyst series exams. Three schools in Manhattan and several schools in Brooklyn were used. The test was paper based and given in some schools in two sessions to accomodate the number of candidates. OSA was at each location to distribute the usual small green "care packages" that this time contained a calculator, two Tootsie Roll pops, a couple of number two pencils and an instruction to send a copy of the candidate's answer sheet to the union so that an "item analysis" could be prepared showing the distribution of answers to each question from a sample of test takers. Staff members formed the core of the distribution team, along with retirees and board members, as seen in the photos taken by OSA Director of Media Services Rob Spencer, along with a few contributions from staffers David Berger and Yolanda Milanes. Good luck to all of you who took the exams.