OSARC Newsletters - 2008

The following issues of the OSARC newsletter were sent to all retirees. Other issues during the year are sent only to active OSARC members. If you are not already an OSARC member, please consider joining.

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January 2008
Round Robin, GHI-HIP Conversion, COMRO Report
Drug Rider Reimbursement

April 2008
COMRO Report, Pension Stats, Finding Resources for Seniors, Wealthy Live Longer

September 2008
MCU Services, Remembering Richie, 9/11 Healthcare, Senior Centers, HIP/GHI Conversion

December 2008
Changes in Drug Rider Reimburse-
ment for Medicare-
Eligibles, Winning Pennsylvania for
Obama, Healthcare Billing Problems, 9/11 Health Session