OSARC Newsletters - 2006

The following issues of the OSARC newsletter were sent to all retirees. Other issues during the year are sent only to active OSARC members. If you are not already an OSARC member, please consider joining.

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January 2006
Bloomberg Demands Pension & Health Concessions, Medicare Drug Rider Details, NYCARA Report, Fair Share Health Care, Round Robin

April 2006
Med D Debacle, OSARC Visits Lady Liberty, OSA Supports TWU, US Healthcare Spending, Spousal Healthcare Bill

September 2006
Times Pushes Pension "Crisis," Online OSARC Group Forms, Retirement Poetry, Governors Island Report

December 2006
A 9/11 Memoir, NYCARA and COMRO Reports, OSARC Reviews City Health Plans, Medicare Drug Premium Reimbursement