OSARC Newsletters - 2004

The following issues of the OSARC newsletter were sent to all retirees. To download an issue of the newsletter in PDF format, click on the image of the newsletter you want. You must have Adobe Reader installed on your hard drive to view and/or print these files, preferably version 4 or later. If you do not have Reader on your hard drive, you can download it from the Adobe site at http://www.adobe.com/acrobat/readstep2.html. Please follow the instructions on the Adobe site for downloading and installing Reader.

January 2004
ROAR, Tax Facts, COMRO Report, Bush's Donut Hole, Bush Revives Social Security Privatization

April 2004
UN Trip, Drug Imports, EEOC Okays Benefit Cuts, OSARC Luncheon, Sheila's Adventures in the land of retirement

August-Sept. 2004
OSARC relocates, COMRO Report, Phony Social Security Crisis, Round Robin, Million Worker March

December 2004
Labor Fights Wal-Mart, Working Election Day, Social Security Update