OSA Newsline -- September 27, 1999

Lots going on. Citiwide negotiations seem to be coming either to a conclusion or an impasse. The two major items in dispute are the City's immoral — and possibly illegal — use of per diems to rob those employees of their proper pay and benefits. The City's magnificent offer so far is to reduce the current two years of exploitation down to only 18 months or, actually, an average 19 1/2 months of exploitation.

In return, on the other side, we are being asked to include in the contract a drug policy that would result in humiliating tests, the loss of due process (in part), and a variety of other totally unneeded and obnoxious provisions.

Exactly why the City is being so unreasonable is not clear to most of us — nor do we care. We will not sign this contract unless the City position changes dramatically.

The Municipal Labor Committee is now preparing for our next round of fiscal bargaining. Leading off will be the Transport Workers Union. The TWU is holding a press conference Monday, September 27, and OSA has been asked, along with other City unions, to participate and show our support. OSA will be there Monday. Our union will support their efforts to seek a just wage to the full extent of our resources.

On the topic of prescription drugs, there is an MLC meeting set for this week. Meanwhile Roz Yasser, the kind lady to whom we addressed our complaint over the GHI letter sent to many numbers last August, responded appropriately last week.

She blew her stack the moment she realized that a huge mistake had occurred. The price of drugs is going up, and there might not be much help for that, but at least we do have a right to expect proper notice, and that we did not receive. The OSA leadership is somewhat reassured. When Roz gets angry, action generally is taken to correct those errors and improve the service. We'll give you more as it develops.

Finally, to hear more on this, the expected improvement in our Welfare Fund, and also to see the new space we have taken, please come to the membership meeting this Thursday, September 30th.

This month, the meeting is at 220 East 23rd St., Room 709, as an experiment. Refreshments will be provided. Take any train to 23rd Street and the crosstown bus to between 2nd and 3rd Ave. All members are invited. See you there.

OSA Newsline -- September 20, 1999

A mailing is due out late this week and will be posted shortly on the "News From OSA" section of this website. It announces the fact that this month's member-ship meeting will be held at the union office on Thursday the 30th. The change of location is an experiment and is partially designed to give the members a chance to see the new space taken by the union.

Ritchie Guarino, one of our grievance reps, asked that all members be cautioned not to take their money out of the retirement system if they leave the City. Since vesting is now only 5 years, and since even the tiniest pension includes full health benefits, leaving your few dollars of contribution in the Employee Retirement System account will pay off hugely once you attain retirement age.

Please return the coupons found on the appropriate pages of the Member Services section of this website if you wish to attend the pre-retirement seminar or drivers education skills course -- and especially return the member survey if your phone number or address has changed.

OSA Newsline -- September 13, 1999

Tim Collins, Associate Director of our Grievance Department, reports that the Office of Labor Relations is still promising back pay and overdue longevities to our HHC members.

Health & Hospital Corporation management, however, has not been cooperating fully with Labor Relations, thus far, because the money has not come.

The union will, therefore, submit a union grievance this week to preserve our rights in this matter. Of course, the grievance process is also slow, but it is at least definite.

Meanwhile, Labor Relations does promise to keep pushing Hospitals management on this unreasonable delay. June 1st was a long time ago.

Members who did not receive the summer bulk mailing by now should call Yvonne at (212) 686-1229. We will update your address and send you out a copy.