OSA Newsline - September 30, 2002

Over seven hundred ballots were received on the issue of officers serving OSA after retirement from their City jobs. The voting results were about three to one in favor of the question, with one in four opposed. The issue itself was complex and sparked a good deal of discussion. That is, in itself, always a healthy sign for any democratic organization.

On a different topic, Councilmember Alan Jennings, Chairperson of te Civil Service Committee of the City Council, recently held public hearings on civilianization of the workforce at the Police Department. His hearings gained a great deal of coverage and the Mayor's attention. The result has been, in effect, the addition of an extra six hundred civilian lines to that agency. This is the first such correction in more than ten years.

Councilmember Jennings met with the OSA leadership last week and has agreed to schedule public hearings at OSA's request. The hearings will focus on the misuse of the one-in-three rule by some City agencies. A lot of work will have to be done before these hearings. Executive Director Sheila Gorsky will be canvassing the affected candidates seeking persons willing to testify. The behavior of some City agencies in regard to use of the one-in-three rule is clearly, morally wrong. We will soon see if those agencies enjoy a spotlight on their actions.

OSA Newsline -September 23, 2002

On the current voting. Some members called in to ask if a yes vote would result in a dues increase. Absolutely not.

The accompanying letter would have said so if that was the case, but it's not. In fact, if our union's released time allocation is not used by the Chairperson it will be used by another officer instead.

In any case, OSA's dues are 7/10ths of one percent, the lowest in town and have not been raised since we became a collective bargaining unit. As members are aware from the recent auditor's report, our reserves are decent and our union always stays well within its budget.

Members are asked to return ballots quickly. If anyone has not yet received a ballot, call Noreen or Yolanda at the union office and you will be sent a replacement ballot. If your ballot thereafter does arrive before the replacement, please send back only one, since if two ballots arrive with the same ballot number, both will be challenged.

The counting will occur at the union office this Friday evening. Any member who wishes to attend and observe or to assist is welcome, but should call George or Marzie at the union office beforehand so we can know how much coffee and cake and chairs to have on hand. The results will be on next week's newsline.

Our organization was granted a lovely form of recognition this past month. The chairperson of OSA was elected to a spot on the steering committee of the Municipal Labor Committee. The MLC guides the 400,000 strong City labor movement and it was deeply gratifying that an Analyst was chosen by the other unions voting to assume such a responsible role.

OSA Newsline -September 16, 2002

At the membership meeting, the following tentative numbers were given for the one percent equity. Assuming sign-off from the Office of Management and Budget, there will be $287 at the ten year level, another $287 at the fifteen year level, and the twenty year award should be $264.

For those titles already in receipt of longevity such as Staff Analyst, Associate Staff Analyst, Systems Analysts (either Assistant or Senior) and Senior Healthcare Program Planning Analysts, the new amounts are added to the old ones.

For all agencies save Transit, the monies are due retroactive to July 1st of this year.

Also, the vote on the constitutional amendment will be going out by mail this week and should be in your hands by the weekend.

OSA Newsline -September 9, 2002

We still do not have confirmation by the City of the numbers that we submitted on the one percent equity. Now we know that we are due at least a $250 longevity award at the 10, 15 and 20 year levels, but the exact numbers above $250 have not been approved by OMB. City Labor Relations has promised to try to have the final numbers for us on or before September 12th, the date of our general membership meeting.

At the meeting, we expect to receive a report from our labor intern on her investigation of the AICPA's requirement for estimates of post-retirement benefit obligations. The intern assigned to us by Queens College Labor Center, Brynne Thomas, is an energetic and resourceful sort and OSA is very pleased to have her assistance.

On primary day, this Tuesday, the most important message is always the same. It is both our duty and our privilege to vote. OSA has endorsed Alan Hevesi for State Comptroller and we feel his record merits your support. But in any case, vote. Vote as you please, but please vote.

We'll see you at the membership meeting, this Thursday, 6pm at 220 East 23rd Street Suite 709.

OSA Newsline -September 2, 2002

"Happy Labor Day! Vacations did slow down the City's response to our negotiation demands on the 1% equity. That was no surprise, but at last they are ready and your union representatives will be meeting with the City this week to work out the details.

A mailing went out late last week and should be in your mailbox soon. If you don't get the mail by Wednesday, call Noreen at the union office and we'll correct your address and send you another copy. It is already posted on this website as the August "News From OSA."

New York City Labor is not actually marching this Labor Day in New York City but we will next year, so members should make a note to put the day aside in advance. In recent years, the NYC Central Labor Council has held the parade on the Saturday after Labor Day.