OSA Newsline September 25, 2000

On the topic of the early retirement offer by New York City, there continues to be no final decision on details. The Mayor's office is involved and all the Office of Labor Relations could tell us was that the answers are due very soon. If we are lucky, we might get the details before this week's membership meeting.

Our meeting will be held at the union office, 220 East 23rd Street Suite 709, and will start at 6pm sharp. Food will be provided.

There will also be a demonstration outside 125 Worth Street, this Thursday, starting at 12 noon. HHC is planning to fire its entire security force and replace them with rent-a-cops. Not only will 800 hospital police lose their careers, but all the staff and patients will be put at increased risk. Local 237 is holding the demo, but OSA will be there and if you work nearby, stop over and join us for a few minutes.

OSA Newsline September 18, 2000

We are still awaiting the final negotiating session on the early retirement eligibility. A mailing is out and should be in your hands by late next week and posted shortly in the News From OSA section of this site.

Meanwhile, there is a job vacancy for an Associate Staff Analyst at FISA. If you would like to be a Systems Trainer for the Financial Information Services Agency at 33rd Street, they need you.

You have to be computer friendly, able to do classroom training and it will help a lot if you know FMS or the City Financial Management System. You'd be training in MS Office Suite but they also will let you design, develop or revise systems or procedure manuals. It's a real job vacancy and if you are interested, send two resumes to

FISA, Director Human Resources, 450-460 West 33rd Street #4J, New York NY 10010. On the envelope, note "re-0004."

City of New York
Financial Information Services Agency
450-460 West 33rd Street, 4th Floor
New York, NY 10001

Citywide Job Vacancy Notice
Civil Service Title: Associate Staff Analyst Level:
Title Code No: 12627 Salary: $47,0111/$50,377 - $65,227
Office Title: Systems Trainer Work location: 450-460 West 33rd Street, 4 Floor
Division/Work Unit: User Sup. Serv./Training Ed. Ctr Number of Positions: 1
Hours/Shift: 8:30am - 4:30pm a
Job Description
Conducts classroom training in Financial Management System (FMS) and other FISA-supported application systems for users from other City agencies. Conducts internal training in MS Office Suite. Designs, develops, maintains and/or revises systems, procedures manuals and training materials, as required. Assists other trainers to learn training programs they will conduct. Assists Training Director on miscellaneous administrative reports and projects, as requested.
Qualification Requirements
1) A Master's degree from an accredited college in economics, finance, accounting, business or public administration, human resources management, management science, operations research, organizational behavior, industrial psychology, statistics, personnel administration, labor relations, psychology, sociology, human resources development, political science or a closely related field, and one (1) year of satisfactory full-time professional experience working with the budget of a large public or private concern in budget administration, accounting, economic or financial administration, or fiscal or economic research; or in management or methods analysis, operations research, organizational research or program evaluation; or in personnel or public administration, recruitment, position classification, personnel relations, employee benefits, staff development, employee program planning/administration, labor market research, economic planning, social services program planning/evaluation, fiscal management or in a related area; or 2)A baccalaureate degree from an accredited college and three (3) years of satisfactory full-time professional experience in the areas described in "1" above; or 3) A four year high school diploma or its educational equivalent and seven, (7) years of satisfactory full-time professional experience working for the City of New York in the areas described in "1" above; or 4) A combination of education and/or experience equivalent to "1" or "2" or "3" above. All candidates who qualify under "1" or "2" above must possess a baccalaureate degree from an accredited college., and all candidates who qualify under "3" above must possess a four-year high school diploma or its educational equivalent. To be credited under ?3" above, experience must have been with the City of New York. Education above the high school level may be substituted for City experience under "3'° above at the rate of 30 semester credits from an accredited college for one year of experience.
Preferred Skills
Proficiency on computer equipment; proficiency in MS Word and Power Point; excellent analytical, verbal and written communications, and group facilitation skills are essential. Classroom training experience in a public or private sector organization required, preferably in systems training. Functional knowledge of the FMS (Financial Management System), RMDS (Report Management Distribution System), City accounting, budget, and/or procurement procedures, and Excel and Access preferred. Appointments are subject to Office of Management and Budget (OMB) approval as well as Vacancy Control Board (VCB) approval. NYC Residency required within 90 days of appointment. HHC employees may apply.
To Apply, Please Submit two Resumes to: Financial Information Services AgencyDirector, Human Resources, 450-460 West 33rd Street, 4J, New York, NY 10001
Date DCAS Redeployment Services granted permission to Post:8/8/00
Post Date: August 11, 2000 Post Until: Filled JVN: 127-01-0004

OSA Newsline September 11, 2000

We had a nice showing for our first Labor Day Parade. About one percent (1%) of our members turned out, some with family members, and the day itself was lovely. Our OSA tee shirts with the green symbol emblazoned across the front received favorable comments from the crowds along the way. It was a good start and next time our numbers will increase since we now know what to expect and how to plan for it.

Final negotiations over the City's new retirement incentive should occur this week, and the unions are seeking to broaden it as much as possible. OSA pension maven Richard Guarino notes that the month of credit per year of service offering is in addition to the "Pataki" 2 years extra for Tiers I and II. More details as we know them.

OSA Newsline September 4, 2000

The Labor Day Parade will be held next Saturday, September 9th and OSA has been invited to take part. All of our members, friends, and relatives are urged to join our contingent at a quarter to one, that's 12:45PM on 46th Street where Broadway and 7th Avenue come together, specifically in front of the two-story McDonalds restaurant.

All marchers will receive OSA T-Shirts and, if the weather is inclement, OSA umbrellas as well. This is the first time we have been asked to march as a part of organized labor and it would be great if we had a good showing. It's also one way to spend time with union leadership as well. If you have any questions, call Joe Sperling at the union office at (212) 686-1229.