OSA Newsline - Primary Endorsements, 2013

The union has endorsed three candidates for citywide office in the September 10, 2013 Democratic primary: John Liu for Mayor, Scott Stringer for Comptroller and Letitia James for Public Advocate.

In addition, we have made several local level endorsements. Information follows.

John Liu For Mayor Of New York City

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OSA urges you to vote in the September 10th mayoral primary for John Liu.

The field is very crowded, and there are several fine candidates, but OSA's board unanimously and enthusiastically endorses John Liu because he is the best candidate to protect civil servants from a very hostile world.

The year before last, when Bloomberg and his Wall Streeters were crying about the fat, salaried civil servants - blowing their horns for the elimination of our defined benefit pension, singing a song of how the pension system was bankrupt and about to financially destroy the City, John Liu told the truth.

Liu published a report that showed that civil servants were underpaid. He used unimpeachable figures to show that the right-wing myth was way off and based on bad logic. When compared to people with similar education and jobs, civil servant salaries were low, and the governments were getting a bargain. The mayor and his band were mad.

He later showed that the NYCERS system was sound. It had suffered some because of Wall Street shenanigans, but in the long run, it would be fine. The mayor was furious, because he had been playing a tune about the system's imminent collapse. Wall Streeters wanted to get their hands on that money.

A third report showed that the defined benefit pension system that we have had for more than sixty years is in the best interest of the city and the employees both. Comparable pension systems would cost more and pay less. The Bloomberg combo was livid because the truth was inconvenient.

No other politician has researched and understood the facts as Liu has. That is not all. Shortly after he became comptroller, John Liu looked at City Time, a boondoggle for Bloomberg's friends. It gave opportunities for fraud to the well-connected. Bloomberg stood steadily against these facts, and Liu uncovered a fraud which was reaching the BILLION dollar mark. Thanks to John Liu, the scam was stopped, some of the fraudsters are in jail, and the City has some of its money back.

The true New Yorker now asks, "But what has he done for us lately?"

Liu opposes an increase in the premiums we pay for health insurance. Both Quinn and Weiner support a plan that would raise premiums.

Liu wants city workers to have a fair contract. Have you heard anything from the others?

John Liu prevented many layoffs of city workers in the past, and is skeptical about the value of privatization.

He wants the minimum wage raised. This is good for all workers.

OSA's board considered this endorsement very carefully. It was unanimous and enthusiastic in recommending Liu to OSA members.

On September 10th, please vote for John Liu in appreciation of what he has done and what he hopes to do. Make sure new voters in your family register by August 16th in time to vote in the primary, and explain the importance of John Liu to them and your neighbors. City workers, retirees, and the ordinary people of New York City need a mayor who respects and appreciates them.

This is a personal note. Over the last few years, Bob Croghan and I have met with John Liu several times. John has appeared before our members to address some of their concerns. We agree completely on John Liu. It seems to me that Liu is the genuine article, a bright, wise, intelligent politician who is really interested in the ordinary people of the city. He understands workers and the need for unions.


Tom Anderson, Vice Chairperson, OSA

Tish James For Public Advocate

June 14, 2013 (New York, NY) – Today, the Public Advocate campaign of Councilwoman Letitia “Tish” James announced the endorsement of the Organization of Staff Analysts (OSA). In endorsing James, OSA praised her for her advocacy on the issues facing members of OSA and all of New York’s middle class and working families.

"We need a Public Advocate who will stand up for New York's workers and her record over many years makes Councilwoman Letitia James an excellent choice," said OSA Chair Bob Croghan. Croghan, noted, “Tish fought in the City Council for an agenda that included adequate school funding, tenant protections, and fair wages for working people. She supported legislation providing paid sick days to all working New Yorkers. Tish has been an outspoken activist who became an outspoken City Council member. She has already been acting the role of advocate for years and should have the chance to do so officially.”

“I’m proud to earn the support of the OSA and New Yorkers across the City who are ready for a Public Advocate who fights for working people,” said Councilwoman Letitia “Tish” James. “Throughout my career in public service, I’ve worked tirelessly for New York’s working families, passing the Safe Housing Act, preserving funding for after-school programs, and fighting to for good-paying jobs for our communities. I’ll bring the same passion and values to the Office of the Public Advocate.”

OSA represents more than 5,000 active and 2,000 retired employees of the City of New York. The union’s executive board vote was unanimous.

Founded in late 1969 as a professional organization, OSA became the official collective bargaining agent for Analysts in the Board of Education in 1985. Since then, OSA has won collective bargaining rights for previously unorganized New York City employees in the remaining City agencies, the New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA), the Health and Hospitals Corporation (HHC), and the Transit Authority (TA).

James continues to build a powerful coalition of New Yorkers in her bid to become the next Public Advocate. She has earned endorsements ranging from progressive grassroots groups to labor unions, elected officials.

In addition to OSA, James’ endorsements include: SEIU 32BJ, TWU Local 100, CWA 1180, UAW, DC 1707, Local 802 (musicians), Local 831 (sanitation workers), Local 444 (Sanitation Officers Association), Working Families Party (WFP), Brooklyn County Democratic Party, Bronx County Democratic Party, National Organization for Women (NOW-NYC), Democratic Organization of Richmond County (DORC), Bay Ridge Democrats, Barack Obama Democratic Club of Upper Manhattan, Bronx County Democratic Committee, New York Communities for Change, Broadway Democrats, Three Parks Democrats, Vanguard Independent Democrats, Muslim Democratic Club of New York (MDCNY), Coalition for a District Alternative (CoDA), Central Brooklyn Independent Democrats, Eleanor Roosevelt Democratic Club, Democracy for New York City, Councilwoman Sara Gonzalez, Councilwoman Maria del Carmen Arroyo, Councilwoman Melissa Mark Viverito, Staten Island Assembly member Matt Titone and others.

A Brooklyn native, Tish James has been a long-time public servant. Prior to being elected City Councilwoman in 2003, James was a top-level aide to members of the State Assembly, where she played a crucial role in bringing resources to some of New York’s most vulnerable communities. In the City Council, James has been an outspoken advocate for economic and social justice.

Scott Stringer for Comptroller

OSA Chair Bob Croghan with Scott Stringer and actress Scarlett Johansson.

The OSA leadership has endorsed Scott Stringer. Scott has not ever had a single scandal attached to his name. He did good work in a variety of jobs; so much so that he nearly ran for comptroller unopposed. Then came Elliot Spitzer.

We are supporting Scott Stringer for comptroller because our city benefits from having honest officeholders. We are unhappy with candidates who believe that they do not have to obey the rules they set for us. This year, we seem to have a lot of such candidates.

Victor Pichardo for Assembly in the Bronx - 86th District

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Bob Croghan asked me to meet Victor Pichardo, who he thought was a promising candidate for the 86th Assembly District. I am glad that he did. (OSA Executive Director Sheila Gorsky and Mr. Pichardo's campaign manager joined us for the photo at the left. You can open a larger version of the photo by right clicking the image.)

Pichardo is an intelligent, perceptive and energetic young man, with a strong sense of community and service. He comes from the working class of the Bronx, and understands the need of ordinary people to feel secure in their homes, their jobs and their family. He understands how important civil service is to the City, and supports unions.

He feels that laying off workers is a disservice to the community, doing more damage than good. He understands that the City and State are on a track to weaken and eliminate civil service to return to a patronage system, and he is against that.

Victor will be, we believe, a strong advocate for his district and for working people.

The union believes that our members should support Victor Pichardo for State Assembly with their votes. It urges you to use your influence with your friends, neighbors, and relatives in the 86th to encourage them to vote for this man.


Tom Anderson, Vice-Chairperson, OSA

Yetta Kurland for City Council in Manhattan - 3rd District

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The Organization of Staff Analysts leadership is supporting Yetta Kurland for the 3rd City Council district, and we are encouraging you, your friends and family to register and vote for her in the primary this September 10th.

Ms. Kurland is a civil rights lawyer and community activist in Chelsea. Originally from Buffalo, she worked at a Midtown law firm before leaving to start her own practice in 2002, with a focus on LGBTQ rights. She was a leading figure in the fight to re-establish a hospital in place of St. Vincent’s, and has opposed the extension of term limits under the Bloomberg administration. She is also the host of the progressive AM talk-radio show Yetta Kurland Live! on WWRL 1600.

Yetta Kurland thinks that city agencies are currently underfunded due to “misguided austerity policies,” and believes in restoring funding for public works, transit, and the arts. She also has a great deal of support from labor, and won numerous endorsements; including District Council 37, CWA 1180, the Council of School Supervisors and Superintendents Local 1, and TWU Local 100.

We firmly believe that New York City would benefit from her leadership and that she would be a strong advocate for her neighborhood, and for working people throughout the city.


Tom Anderson, Vice-Chairperson, OSA

Olanike Alabi for City Council in Brooklyn - 35th District

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Olanike Alabi has an excellent background as a true daughter of New York City. Born and raised among us, she succeeded in becoming well-educated and has accomplished a great deal on behalf of others.

She has a strong working-class background, and her sympathies have led her to devote much of her active life to helping those in need.

The Organization of Staff Analysts' leadership is pleased to endorse "Ola" for Council in the 35th District, and we plan to ask our membership to support her candidacy.


Bob Croghan, Chairperson, OSA