OSA Newsline - October 26, 2015

We are in the last week of the campaign to bring Senior Consultants (Management Information Services) into our union. These 277 employees of the Health and Hospitals Corporation are already voting and the count will be done on November 2nd. Their work is very similar to our own and they are actually a spinoff of the earlier Systems Analyst title and the Senior Management Consultant title.

We are opposed by DC37 and organizers have been brought in from the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees to oppose us.

Our opponents have emphasized that DC37 provides “free” drugs but, of course, that is far from the whole truth. Both DC37 and OSA get the same payment of $1,700 per year from our contracts, per member. We follow the pattern of the Management Benefits Fund. So, yes, we do have to pay a premium out of every paycheck for our drug coverage but, in return, we are far better covered for drugs, life insurance, dental, optical, hearing aids, disability, excess medical costs and even survivor benefits.

In order to make this point, Rob Spencer, Director of our Media Department has made a series of brief videos that can be found on this website. Since the videos are on the website, a number of our current members have already taken a look and we have received favorable responses. So, if you are interested in learning more about the value of our benefits, or in seeing our campaign in action, just click on the button that says Senior Consultants. Thus far, the video on the dental program has received the most favorable comments. The videos take from three to five minutes each.

We now have a date for contract negotiations with NYCHA, set for November 24th. We are close to conclusion on the Uniformed Civilian contract, and we are awaiting dates from the Transit Authority and the Department of Education.

Our union office has been busy each evening with our various classes and seminars and members attending have commented favorably.

OSA Newsline - October 19, 2015

The voting was over at 5pm today. Counting was complete by 10 minutes of 7. The result on the main unit contract is 1608 voted yes and 19 voted no. The contract was approved by a vote of almost 99 to one. The City will be informed and the money, hopefully, will arrive before Christmas.

Our negotiating team must now complete our other four contracts: Uniforms, Transit, Housing and Education. All should go quickly.

Thanks for your support.

OSA Newsline - October 12, 2015

The top news this week is the voting on the main unit contract. There was a computer glitch that affected the address labels on the contract ballot mailing. Last names and addresses were not affected, but first names were scrambled.

The Post Office assures us that most envelopes will be delivered to the proper household and members should return their ballots promptly.

The union is also making provision for any non-delivery. The union office at 220 East 23rd Street, Seventh Floor, Suite 707, will be open for in-person voting from 9am to 8pm on Thursday and Friday, October 15th and 16th, and on Monday, October 19th, until 5pm. Voters, please bring ID.

A postcard is going out to all eligible voters using their correct first names and informing them of the above information. Still, please do tell your fellow members at your work location.

Union attorney Adam Orgel has been requested to obtain dates for contract bargaining sessions for our members at the Housing Authority, the Transit Authority and the Department of Education. Those should move faster than our last one did.

Our School Safety and Traffic Unit negotiations will be complete as soon as the Office of Labor Relations gives us the final figures. Then, we can wrap it up.

One area that is pretty much complete is the moving of the old Associate Staff Analyst promotion list. Michael Schady reports that of 351 candidates on that original list, over 95% have been appointed. In most agencies, everyone was promoted but a few, HPD especially, acted very unfairly towards their own employees.

Finally, the Office of Collective Bargaining informed us that the deadline for voting in the election to represent Senior Consultants (Management Information Services) has been delayed from this Friday (October 16th) until November 2nd.