OSA Newsline - October 27, 2008

The longevity raises went out to our members covered by the City contract last pay period. Those same raises did not yet go out to our Transit Authority members since they are under a different contract with different dates.

The TA longevity raises will come this week, in time for Halloween. (All treat, no trick, we hope.) Details on the longevity raise for both contracts will be in the mailing due out this week. Also enclosed is OSAís leadership endorsement of the Obama/Biden ticket plus a variety of other topics. The contents of the mailing are already up on this website as the November 2008 edition of News From OSA.

OSA Newsline - October 20, 2008

Most, but not all, agencies seem to have paid the longevity increases on last weekís pay check. Those due the money, in most cases got it, but some did call in due to confusion about what was due to them, so we will review the dollar amounts in a mailing due out late next week. In all the cases where we did check, the cityís numbers were correct.

Our actual date for contract negotiations is November 5th. Meanwhile, the economy may make those negotiations difficult. We had actually asked for an earlier date, but the cityís Office of Labor Relations was not able to accommodate us.

OSA Newsline - October 13, 2008

A number of members have been calling to ask about the safety, in these times, of our City pensions. In fact, we are somewhat safer than most people these days. Our pensions are backed by New York City, even if the stock market goes into steep decline. Of course, if everything went wrong, then New York City itself would have a problem.

It should be noted that even during the Great Depression of the 1930's the Cityís pension obligations were met.

Our real fear is that the current fiscal troubles will spur the Mayor to propose a new and long term worse pension tier for new employees. We will oppose that.

Members due longevity raises in the upcoming pay check are due an increase of a little less than $20 biweekly for each of the three milestones Ė after 10 years, after 15 years and after 20 years of service.

Retroactivity goes back to late August but, due to the normal one week pay lag, money is due only since the start of September. You may receive the increase with the retroactive pay or the retro money may come two weeks later.

As always, wait until you get it before you spend it. Actually, in the 1975 fiscal crisis, the rule was changed for that period. Then, the rule was, wait until you get it and the bank has cashed the check before you spend it. These days, the banks are glad to honor City checks, so thatís not a problem.

OSA Newsline - October 6, 2008

There is not a great deal to report this week. The Mayor is seeking a potential third term through a vote of the City Council. One Ron Lauder started off the week by opposing the effort but may support the effort later this week. Who knew the City Council had such powers under the City Charter? We didnít. Weíre not sure the City Council knew about that rule until recently either.

The leadership of OSA did not favor term limits when Ron Lauder first paid to get the referendum on the ballot establishing those limits. We donít favor them now either, but we are amused by all the prominent people who do favor term limits one year and oppose them the very next year. Itís all so very, well, political.

Meanwhile, our longevity increases are still on track for the middle of this month, so thatís good.