OSA Newsline - October 29, 2001

NEW! The ASA Exam List and Answer Key are now online. Scroll down for links.

Last Monday's very quick vote on the fiscal aspects of the City contract resulted in a vote of 315 in favor and two against settlement, with three challenged ballots. The City thinks it can have the money for us by the end of November.

Our Transit Authority negotiations are also looking better, but are not yet complete.

As promised, the list is out on the Associate Staff Analyst exam. Nearly 2000 of our members took the exam and 1270 of them have received passing scores. The appeal process is actually over, but members who fell below 70% can still ask to have the marking of their papers checked.

The City is actually planning to begin appointments from the list this month We'll see. A letter will be going out with more details and those details will be on the News From OSA page of this site as soon as they are available.

In the meantime, we are posting here as PDF files the final exam key and the ASA list, divided into six parts. Click on the links at the end of this newsline message to download the key or a section of the ASA List.

You will need Acrobat Reader to view the file. If you do not have Acrobat Reader on your hard drive, you can go to the Adobe site to Dowload Acrobat Reader

ASA Promotional Exam Final Key

ASA Promotional Exam List Part 1
Actuary-Boro Pres-Comptroller-OMB-Law-City Planning-DOI-BOE-TRS-Police

ASA Promotional Exam List Part 2

ASA Promotional Exam List Part 3
DHS-DOC-DOE-Aging-Cultural Affairs-FISA-DJJ-OPA
EEPC-TLC-OLR-YCD-Probation-Business Serv

ASA Promotional Exam List Part 4
HPD-DOB-DOH-DMH-DEP-Sanitation-Trade Waste Commission

ASA Promotional Exam List Part 5
NYCHA-Transit Authority

ASA Promotional Exam List Part 6
Finance-DOT-Parks-DCC-DOITT-DORIS-Consumer Affairs-DCAS-Bronx DA-TBTA

OSA Newsline - October 23, 2001

On very short notice, the rather impressive number of 317 members showed up to vote on the financial agreement between OSA and the City for all City agencies.

The agreement was a variation on the DC37 settlement and in addition to the standard 4%, 4% and 1% for most members, set forth clear terms on behalf of our Administrative Staff Analysts and Supervising Systems Analysts.

The vote was 315 in favor and two opposed, or very nearly unanimous.*

We fought hard to include all members in getting the benefits of this contract period and, thanks to union solidarity, we have succeeded.

We would have preferred a mail ballot, but in this unprecedented occasion, we felt a need for a quick decision. Now, with luck we will get the retroactive monies for most of our members on November 23rd.

Next, transit.

*There were also three challenge ballots.

OSA Newsline - October 19, 2001

The City has finally agreed to our union demands. Under the terms reached today, our Hospitals Corporation Supervising Systems Analysts are due a 4% raise for 4/1/2001 and also a 4% increase on 7/1/2001.

Our unionized Administrative Staff Analysts will be given both the managerial raise of 7/1/00 and the 4% union raise of 4/1/01.

All others will get the 4% and 4% as expected(4/1/00 and 4/1/01). The equity is not due until next year.

If we vote quickly, the City believes it will be able to include our raises and retroactivity in the City paychecks of November 23rd.

Therefore, voting will take place at the union office, 220 East 23rd Street, this coming Monday, October 22, 2001, from 4pm to 8pm. Copies of the fiscal settlement can be downloaded by clicking on the link below and will also be available at the union office before the vote.

We won, now please come down and vote. See you at the ballot box.

Proposed Agreement Between OSA and NYC

OSA Newsline - October 15, 2001

Negotiations proceeded under very difficult conditions last week. Nonetheless, progress was made on both formal negotiations at the Transit Authority and at very informal negotiations with the City.

We may be close to a settlement on financial issues with the City. Now this does not mean that members should call up the union office asking if there is any more news. Staff will not be able to provide any additional information until negotiations have proceeded further and any news will be on this newsline first.

The phone hotline and this website will be updated as fast as we have information. Members should check the hotline or website daily starting on Wednesday of this week. This is a very unusual year.

OSA Newsline - October 9, 2001

There was some good news last week. The Personnel section of the Department of Citywide Administrative Services has informed the union that they are back in business and expect the marking of the Associate Staff Analyst exam to be completed this month. They are actually hopeful that appointments can be made in November.

Also, the Office of Labor Relations has scheduled the health plan reopener for this month. If you need to change health plans for any reason, see your agency personnel persons for forms.

Also, we have been in touch with the Transit Authority and negotiations are on for next week at the TA.

Finally, the City has also notified us they are ready to return to the table and we will be there.

The Democratic primary runoff is this Thursday, October 11th. We'll see each other at the polls. The union is endorsing Freddie Ferrer for Mayor and Norman Siegel for Public Advocate, but however you do vote, please vote.

OSA Newsline - October 1, 2001

A brief message this week. A mailing went out over the weekend and if you don't receive it by Friday, please call Noreen at the Union office so we can correct the address. The mailing also appears as the September "News From OSA" on this website.

There is one update. The City Office of Labor Relations' staff may be allowed to return to their offices early this week and, if so, negotiations should be able to resume faster than had been expected.