OSA Newsline -- November 29, 1999

Our brothers and sisters at the Health and Hospitals Corporation are getting their raises at last, according to reports called in by delegates on location. Five months delay on a contractual raise is not a record, but it is pretty bad. Lets hope HHC can do better next time.

Our membership meeting is this week, Thursday, December 2, 1999 at 220 East 23 Street 7th Floor, at 6pm sharp. Coffee and cake will be provided. Please come.

OSA Newsline -- November 22, 1999

At last week's Municipal Labor Committee conference in Princeton, New Jersey, a great deal of attention was paid to both collective bargaining strategies and to the problems of prescription drug riders. The Conference was well attended, although a bit more contentious than usual. Details at next week's membership meeting.

A sentiment was voiced that next year's event be held in New York City — and your union did support the idea, but no decision was reached. The MLC conferences are a good source of information and discussion, but it is annoying to have to travel hours just to meet with our fellow New Yorkers.

A mailing went out last week and, if you do not get it by this Wednesday, please call Yvonne at 686-1229 so we can check for your correct address.

Happy Thanksgiving to all OSA members and their families.

OSA Newsline -- November 15, 1999

Busy this month. Members wishing to appeal low grades or disqualification for the recent Staff Analysts exam must call George Morgan at 686-1229 for an appointment.
Quick please. Disqualification appeals must be submitted this week and low grade appeals by Thanksgiving.

On the Drug Rider of GHI, the "Easy Rider Coalition" hit the front page of The Chief this week. Also, we received a letter addressing the problem from Roz Yassur of the MLC Health Committee.

A follow-up phone call from Randi Weingarten was even more satisfactory. The matter will, by the time you call this tape (made before we go there) have been taken up at the Municipal Labor Conference in Princeton, New Jersey this past weekend. Patience, change takes time.

OSA Newsline -- November 8, 1999

Our thanks to all those who braved the weather and voted last week.

Our union has an interesting half page ad in the Chief this week. We are honoring Donald Singer for his defense of due process rights for his members - The Council of Supervisors and Administrators.

The union has been busy handling the appeals of the recent Staff Analysts exam and our nights are filled for a while to come. Members who did not score well must appeal
very quickly. We have run across a number of cases of clearly overqualified candidates who were failed entirely. Such cases usually win on appeal.

We had a preliminary meeting with the Transit Authority on contract negotiations last week. TA seems reluctant to start due to the Transport Workers Union's ongoing negotiations. For our part, we went on record as stating that we do expect to keep current health benefits intact as a part of any contract settlement.

OSA Newsline -- November 1, 1999

The Staff Analyst results are going out in the mail now: 1,978 candidates passed the exam, but the list has not yet been published.

If you receive notice and are dissatisfied with those results, OSA will offer help on the appeal. Call George Morgan at (212)686-1229 and make your appointment. Do so quickly
as there is a time limit on appeals.

If you do not receive notice, go to 2 Washington Street, 17th floor and bring your return receipt, the money order stub, and a copy of all your papers.

This Tuesday, members should remember to vote and to vote NO! on the proposed charter changes for New York City. These changes are being dishonestly presented and would cripple the New York City Council, as well as hurting government employees.