OSA Newsline - November 26, 2001

Many, but certainly not all, of our members received their 2000 and 2001 raises last week. HHC is late as are a few other Agencies and contracts are still being concluded at those Agencies that have separate contracts.

A chart will be made available at this week's general membership meeting. The chart will give the rules for the computation of raises so that members can check to be sure that the right amount is being paid.

We don't have a definite date, as of yet, for the return of the 3% pension contributions for those Fourth Tier members who finished ten years or more of service before last October 1st. Neither do we have a pay day for the$125 return of the drug rider premiums, although that money is also still due us.

Our general membership meeting is scheduled for this Thursday at the union office at 6pm sharp.

OSA Newsline - November 19, 2001

Payment of raises and retroactive monies is still on schedule for this Friday for most OSA members. However, never spend it until you get it. Unfortunately, we learned late Monday that the Health and Hospitals Corporation was unable to process the pay order in time for the November 23rd payroll. We have been assured by HHC that our HHC members will receive the raise and retroactive amounts on their December 7 checks.

Transit Authority negotiations went well last week and upon receipt of contract language will be presented to our TA members for a vote.

The news is certainly good. Happy Thanksgiving!

OSA Newsline - November 12, 2001

The only news this week is that the leadership of OSA has decided not to endorse any more mayoral candidates this year.

If you did not receive the mail sent out last week, please do call Noreen at the union office so we can correct and update your address and send another copy. You can also view the content on the News From OSA page of this website. Look for the November, 2001 News From OSA.

OSA Newsline - November 5, 2001

The entire set of agency lists of candidates for Associate Staff Analyst have been added to this web site. Thanks to Rob Spencer for his help. The Chief newspaper warned us they could not get our lists printed quickly in their paper. Rob came through instead. We will update the list as it moves and we are informed of appointments.

Mail is due out this week and hopefully will be in your hands by Monday. Covered topics include the contract agreement and the ASA exam results. In addition, the OSA Executive Board has endorsed Mark Green for Mayor and Scott Stringer for Public Advocate. The same information is on this website as the November News From OSA. If you don't get the mail next week, please call Noreen at the union office and she will check your mailing address and send you another copy. Remember, we are government workers. However you vote on Tuesday, do vote.

See you at the polls.

You will need Acrobat Reader to view the ASA Exam List and Answer Key files. If you do not have Acrobat Reader on your hard drive, you can go to the Adobe site to Dowload Acrobat Reader

ASA Promotional Exam Final Key

ASA Promotional Exam List Part 1
Actuary-Boro Pres-Comptroller-OMB-Law-City Planning-DOI-BOE-TRS-Police

ASA Promotional Exam List Part 2

ASA Promotional Exam List Part 3
DHS-DOC-DOE-Aging-Cultural Affairs-FISA-DJJ-OPA
EEPC-TLC-OLR-YCD-Probation-Business Serv

ASA Promotional Exam List Part 4
HPD-DOB-DOH-DMH-DEP-Sanitation-Trade Waste Commission

ASA Promotional Exam List Part 5
NYCHA-Transit Authority

ASA Promotional Exam List Part 6
Finance-DOT-Parks-DCC-DOITT-DORIS-Consumer Affairs-DCAS-Bronx DA-TBTA