OSA Newsline - May 26, 1998

The 1998 severance agreement for the hospitals was signed last Friday. The total number allowed to take the buy-out is 300 persons. The OSA titles involved at HHC include: the Systems Analyst series up to Senior, Senior Health Care Program Planner Analysts, and Associate Staff Analysts.

The period for this buy out is short: May 26th through June 5th. The terms of the buy-out are standard, between $3,150 and $13,500 (depending on length of service), uncontested unemployment benefits for six months, health coverage for six months, and welfare fund coverage for one month.

More details will be available at this Thursday's general membership meeting at 125 Worth Street, second floor auditorium.

Also on the agenda is a discussion of the raise due this year and also our progress on obtaining our equity fund payment.

OSA Newsline - May 18, 1998

The good news is that the City did give us the numbers for the equity piece of the contract. As a result, we should be able to have a presentation from the bargaining team for this month's general membership meeting. Assuming there are no major problems, this means we have a shot at getting the third raise due for July more or less on time.

Also good news is that all but two of our HHC members targeted for lay-off have been redeployed and the last two go for interviews this week.

The union agreed to an HHC severance early retirement offering, details to follow.

The bad news is that the Mayor is now looking to complete vendorizing the Department of Homeless Services. If it's not one thing, it's another.

OSA Newsline - May 11, 1998

As of late last week, the union had found positions for all but two of the members targeted for lay-off. Since we have not yet had to have recourse to either buyouts or early retirement, and since both are scheduled to be offered, it appears the union may have a success on its hands.

Credit is due to Josie Valentine, Donna Cohen, Shirley Grey, Joe Sperling, and Sheila Gorsky, all of whom worked frantically to assist those targeted for lay-off. A very good job and very well done. A mailing is going out this week and will be quite extensive. There are six pages on the layoffs and other news, two petitions and a half dozen offers and announcements.

Finally, on May 13th OSA will meet, at last, on the monies due to us for the equity part of the contract. More on that next week.

OSA Newsline - May 4, 1998

The good news is that all HHC layoffs are on hold. Half of the targeted 905 employees will be sent to a redeployment pool for the next two weeks. The rest will follow after the first group has been redeployed.

Those members who regularly consult the newsline are aware that our union had successfully found redeployment spots for half of our first targeted 15 members by April 20.

On April 20, we were given a new list that added names to replace many of the members saved. From that depressing moment until May 1, further efforts resulted in again saving half of our endangered members. Now, all look safe for the present.

We will discuss severance and/or buyouts this month. The bad news is that the Mayor has talked about further layoff.