OSA Newsline - May 29, 2006

Best wishes to all for a good Memorial Day weekend. The newsline right after a general membership meeting, is often sparse but not this week.

For one thing, we have a couple of jobs being offered. The Human Resources Administration has two Associate Staff Analyst positions available with their Finance Office. Applicants must be computer friendly and have strong writing skills. You need to know or be willing to learn how to query the HRA Enterprise Data Warehouse in support of your analyses.

Proficiency in creating Excel spreadsheets is important and the ability to use programs like Microsoft Access, Oracle Discover, Powerpoint and Crystal Report Writer are all very helpful.

If you are interested, go to Member Services, click on Agency Job Flyers, and check out the HRA job offering.

One more point. Unlike many other flyers issues by agencies, in this case there really are two jobs and they really are open.

At the general membership meeting last week, members were introduced to Dolores Parson (center right in the photograph, along with her mom, at left), the newest member of OSAís Executive Board. Dolores has a long history of activity on behalf of our union and is replacing Josie Valentin, who has retired and relocated to Florida.

OSA Newsline - May 23, 2006

The Department of Citywide Administrative Services provided the union with a copy of the Administrative Staff Analyst list this afternoon and we are posting it here. We have broken the list down into nine sections with the agencies covered in each of the parts identified

Congratulations to all who passed the exam.




Transit Authority


Office of the Actuary, NYCERS, Office of the Comptroller, OMB, Law Dept, City Planning, DOI, Dept of Education, Civilian Complaint Review Board, NYPD

FDNY, DHS, Dept of Correction, Dept for the Aging, FISA, DJJ, OPA, Equal Employment Practices Commission, TLC, OLR

Commission on Human Rights, NYC Police Pension Fund, DYCD, Probation, DBS, DOB, HPD, Sanitation, DEP, Finance

DOT, Parks, DDC, DOITT, DORIS, Consumer Affairs, DCAS, DA-Bronx, DA-Queens, TBTA

OSA Newsline - May 22, 2006

The Personnel Division of DCAS was nice enough to inform us, a week and a half ago, of the fact that the Administrative Staff Analyst exam results would be available on May 17th.

Well, yes and no. On the 17th, 18th, and 19th, many individuals got access to part or all of the list, but the official paper copies of the list were not available.

The result was that we were not able to scan the list and make it available on our website and, instead, spent three days disappointing members who called in to ask how they had done.

By now, if our information is correct, you should have received the result cards in the mail. We will, certainly, continue to seek our copy of the list for posting on our website.

We will also send an appropriately testy letter to Personnel, describing the problem and suggesting a remedy.

Our membership meeting for May is this Thursday evening, at the union office, starting at 6pm sharp. See you at the meeting.

OSA Newsline - May 18, 2006

Late yesterday, the Department of Citywide Administrative Services posted on its website the final answer key for Administrative Staff Analyst Exam #4540 given in June of 2005.

You can download the key by clicking here.

A quick comparison of the proposed and final keys reveals that the protests and test validation process resulted in changes to five questions on the exam. In all cases, DCAS will now accept more than one answer as correct. On three of the questions, they accept two answers, on one of the questions they accept three answers and on one question they accept all four possible answers as correct. A summary:

  • Main Exam June 25, 2005
    Question 15: Proposed Key - A Final Key - A/B
    Question 58: Proposed Key - B Final Key - B/D
    Question 62: Proposed Key - D Final Key - A/B/C/D
    Question 77: Proposed Key - D Final Key - A/D
    Question 94: Proposed Key - A Final Key - A/B/D

  • Alternate Exam June 26, 2005
    Question 19: Proposed Key - A Final Key - A/B
    Question 60: Proposed Key - B Final Key - B/D
    Question 64: Proposed Key - D Final Key - A/B/C/D
    Question 81: Proposed Key - D Final Key - A/D
    Question 98: Proposed Key - A Final Key - A/B/D

  • Alternate Exam July 15, 2005
    Question 20: Proposed Key - A Final Key - A/B
    Question 63: Proposed Key - B Final Key - B/D
    Question 68: Proposed Key - D Final Key - A/B/C/D
    Question 72: Proposed Key - A Final Key - A/B/D
    Question 84: Proposed Key - D Final Key - A/D

    The set of final keys also includes results for an Alternate Exam dated September 16, 2005 and a Special Military Exam given April 7, 2006. The questions that were changed from preliminary to final key on those exams were #23,65,70,75,98 and #26,56,71,79, 94, respectively.

    As of Thursday morning, we have no additional information on how the test was graded and the union has not yet received the list from DCAS. When we do have it, we will be posting it on this website.

    Good luck to all of the candidates who took the Admin Exam. We hope you did well.

  • OSA Newsline - May 10, 2006

    The Department of Citywide Administrative Services was kind enough to notify us that there will, in fact, be the establishment of the list for Administrative Staff Analyst on the 17th of this month.

    Members can look forward to finding out how well they did, in terms of cards in the mail, and although itís a little bit late in coming, itís not extremely late, and we are pleased to be able to notify people that, with some luck, conceivably, they could start moving the list, perhaps this spring.

    OSA Newsline - May 8, 2006

    We donít usually get two victories in a row, but this time we did. Last monthís newsline announced that the Office of Collective Bargaining had ruled in our favor on the Hospitals title of Senior Management Consultant.

    This month, the New York City Housing Authority has, at last, agreed with us and a number of other unions representing City workers at 90 Church Street.

    90 Church Street is that fortress-like building that stood next to the World Trade Center on 9/11. For many months since the building reopened, there has been an ongoing debate about the need for second interior windows. 90 Church Street is right next to the Ground Zero construction site and, in addition, the Deutsche Bank building next to the site, is about to be demolished.

    Tom Anderson has been the lead on this matter and, recently, he was notified that the NY City Housing Authority had come to agree with the workers and that the double paned windows will be installed. There are still going to be problems with the construction and demolition in the area, but a good start has been made.

    Good work Tom, good work the committee of many unions and good show, New York City Housing Authority.

    OSA Newsline - May 1, 2006

    We had a sizable group of our activists present at the rally for Roger Toussaint as he walked from the Brooklyn court to the Manhattan jail last week.

    The difficulty faced by organized labor these days is epitomized by the jailing of Roger Toussaint.

    In contract after contract, workers are being offered raises below the rate of inflation and, if a union fights back, the power of the establishment is brought down hard on them.

    The TWU membership had agreed, after a re-vote, to accept the offer that had been made by the MTA to end the strike. Now, the MTA says the offer is off the table.

    Look, the bargaining team of the Transport Workers Union called off the strike based on the pensions being taken off the table and swallowed, as a part of the peace pact, a deservedly unpopular clause requiring workers to pay 1.5% of their salary for health benefits.

    The members initially rejected the offer, but stayed on the job anyway. After a re-vote, the offer was accepted, but now the MTA says that is not good enough. It does seem that the MTA is now provoking further labor unrest and all of New York City may end up paying for such misjudgement.

    We hope not, but OSA and the rest of organized labor in our City, is watching and it is very clear which side we are on. May 1st is a good day to affirm the solidarity of labor in this matter.

    Bob Croghan, Joan Doheny, Hank Lenz, Earlene Bethel, Eric Mayr (left)

    The march toward the Brooklyn Bridge. (right)
    Marchers support the TWU in Brooklyn.(left)

    John McAusland, Hank Lenz, OSA VP Tom Anderson (right)
    Eric Mayr with the OSA banner, Tom Anderson under the OSA umbrella. (left)

    Bob Croghan, NYC Central Labor Council officer Ted Jacobsen (right)
    Bob Croghan, DC37 Retiree Assn Leader Stu Liebowitz (left)

    Tailor the Taylor Law (right)
    Joan Doheny, Joe Sperling (left)

    NYS AFL-CIO leader Dennis Hughes (right)
    Rep. Major Owens (left)

    Rev. Herbert Daughtry (right)
    Rev. Al Sharpton (left)

    AFSCME DC1707 Exec Dir Raglan George and SSEU Local 371 President Charles Ensley (right)

    Transport Workers Local 100 President Roger Toussaint (left)

    TWU and OSA Banners (right)
    Photos by Rob Spencer.