OSA Newsline - May 21, 2001

Negotiations occurred last Wednesday. The City is willing to offer us the DC37 economic package of 4% and 4% plus a percent for equity.

The union, in its turn, raised our concerns about various non-economic issues and also about our recently unionized members. Administrative Analysts should get the managerial raise for the year 2000, but the City has not yet issued the managerial pay order.

We could see the raises as early as July, if the City plays fair with our concerns. If not, the raises will be retroactive in any case. Remember, never spend the money until you get it.

There will be a one time class to discuss the Reference Booklet for the Associate Staff Analyst Exam on Tuesday, May 29th at the High School of Fashion Industries, 225 West 24th Street, between 7th & 8th Avenues from 6:00-9:00 pm All of our students should be receiving a mail notice this week with a coupon you must fax or mail back to reserve a place in the May 29th class.

Our regular May general membership meeting will be delayed for two weeks as a result

OSA Newsline - May 14, 2001

Contract negotiations start for us this week and we anticipate a quick decision on the economic aspects of our demands, but not so quick on the non-economic areas. If possible, we may sever economic from non-economic demands in order to see the 4% and 4% in our hands more quickly. We'll know more soon.

Last week, the Municipal Labor Committee moved one step closer to a citywide drug program for the four types of drugs to be paid for out of the Stabilization Fund. The PICA drugs: Psychotropic, Injectables, Chemotherapeutic, and Asthma will be provided for us through a new drug card. Vendor selection will be final by this Tuesday, and all of the remaining competing firms state that they can get the job done by July 1st. That would be good.

OSA Newsline - May 7, 2001

A mailing went out last week offering for sale - at duplication cost - copies of OSAís videotaped training course for the Associate Staff Analyst exam. Many members have asked us for copies. Most of the sessions were created in 1994 and were used to help prepare for the prior A.S.A. exam. Newly shot sections on Communication and Basic Math have been added.

Live training classes covering much of the same material have been on-going all Spring, but some members prefer to review at home.

If you donít get the mail offer, but want the tapes, call next week and ask for George.

Other members have been calling in to ask when will they get the money from the recent DC37 agreement. The answer is be patient. Our negotiations start on May 15th. We do hope negotiations will go quickly.