OSA Newsline Special Update June 28, 2000

A special newsline update. In the words from the refrain of an old labor song, "We won, we won, we won." By a vote of almost three to one, OSA has been chosen as the representative for collective bargaining purposes of the Supervising Systems Analysts of the Health and Hospitals Corporation.

The exact vote. Of 109 eligible to vote, 82 mail ballots were received. Of these, five were challenged and never counted, 57 were for OSA and 20 were for DC37.

OSA owes a debt of gratitude to its retired volunteer organizers, our very effective on location HHC delegates, to those Supervising Systems Analysts who came forward and took up our cause, and of course, to our new brothers and sisters who chose OSA as their union.

That's all the good news for now. The next update of the newsline will be posted July 10th.

OSA Newsline
June 26, 2000

Votes will be counted this Wednesday in the Supervising Systems Analyst election. Whatever the result, OSA owes a debt of gratitude to our on-location delegates and activists. Results will be available on this website on Thursday.

Matters are also near completion on the various pension issues. All of the proposed improvements are in good shape so far.

OSA Newsline
June 18, 2000

The pension bills are still moving through the legislature with many details not yet available. OSA has been informed that the pension contribution reduction bill has passed. This affects Tier IV members and will reduce contributions by three percent (3%), in effect, a 3% increase in take home pay for a large portion of our current membership. The Governor is expected to sign the bill.

Also passed is the bill for a Cost of Living Adjustment as an automatic part of our pension. This will not be a full COLA, will only cover the first $18,000 of pension and will not fall below on percent (1%) nor rise above three percent (3%). It will only go into effect for retirees after they have been retired for a number of years - 10 years for a person retiring at 55; 5 years for a 62 year old retiree.

It's not perfect but it's a great start. More details as they arrive.

OSA Newsline
June 12, 2000

Members should have received last week's mailing by now. If you have not, please call Yvonne at 686-1229 so we can check your address. In addition it is posted as the June edition of News from OSA on this website.

Please note the word DRAFT on the draft of the Municipal Labor Committee agreement with the City. Clearly the information sent out is fresh, but it may not be final. Peter Vallone's nice letter also talks of aspirations not yet legislated.

Retirement System improvements look very possible at this moment, but in the 1970's we almost won a 20 year 50% pension until, at the last possible moment, it was vetoed by the Governor. Hopefully, we will do better this time around.

OSA Newsline
June 5, 2000

The mailing due out last week, on proposed pension changes, did not go out at all. There was a Tuesday special meeting of the Municipal Labor Committee steering committee and details were being added at that time. This week, however, the mail should go out, including the draft agreement between the MLC and the Mayor. We apologize for the delay, but it was important to obtain the exact wording. The mailing will be posted on this website as the June issue of News From OSA as soon as possible.