OSA Newsline -- July 19, 1999

The Health and Hospitals Corporation appears to have been very slow in communicating details of our longevity monies due, so we have been in touch with the Office of Labor Relations. OLR has promised to check into the matter and will get back to us.

There is also a problem at NYCHA but again, the union has been in contact with the Housing Authority's Labor Relations Office and the problem may be easily resolved.

The nice thing is that some agencies did pay out all the monies due already -- and correctly as well. Hold on to the recent union mailing and your pay stubs.

An early incentive retirement may be offered this fall, but no details are yet clear, nor has the Mayor expressed his intentions on the matter.

OSA Newsline -- July 12, 1999

The raises continue to arrive with great unevenness from agency to agency. You should have received the letter on how to calculate the raises by now. The same information will be posted on this website shortly as the July edition of "News From OSA."

If you don't receive the letter in the mail by the end of the week, please call Yvonne at 686-1229, so we can update your address.

OSA Newsline -- July 6, 1999

A mailing is due out this week explaining how to check the raises and how to correct any errors found.

The first error found, on June 25, actually delayed the mailing, as we corrected that error over the course of two days of heavy phone calling. What was the error? The belief on the part of some agencies that the twenty year longevity was not due until July 1, 1999. It is true that any member who recently completed their twenty years will have to wait until July 1 for payment. Meanwhile, the other 99 and 44/100% of us who are due the twenty year longevity were due it as of June 1, 1999. This is now understood hopefully by all of the agencies.

The letter should be in your hands by next weekend. Save your pay stubs to check against the letter.