OSA Newsline - July 30, 2001

Contract demands were presented to the City last Monday and answers given to questions raised by the City negotiators.

Among the items emphasized were our demands for voluntary furloughs or sabbaticals, a demand for all Analysts to come off the time clock and a demand that the City conform to DCAS guidelines in providing at least 100 square feet of private work space for every analyst.

One demand we are pushing hard for is the demand that our HHC members get a career ladder. Now that the Mayor is no longer closing our hospitals, the demand becomes both timely and feasible.

We have asked the City for details on the financial settlement as it relates to the one percent equity. In prior contracts, getting agreement between the City and the Union on the numbers has frequently been a problem. Hopefully not this year.

OSA Newsline - July 23, 2001

The negotiating team is actually meeting today. Over two dozen economic and non-economic demands are being presented. The union received over one hundred and twenty demands from our members in response to the June mailing. The negotiating team then worked with staff member Tim Collins and prepared the final composite set of demands.

Now, we are back at the table and making our case for each one of those demands.

Members who are under the impression that we will settle next week should keep in mind that our collective bargaining has just begun.

A few members who have called to urge us to sign pretty much anything being offered by the City must have gotten our phone number by mistake. As a union of Analysts, we would never sign a contract that looked nice up front but killed us on the details.

It may take longer to do it right, but there is no point at all in doing it wrong.

OSA Newsline - July 9, 2001

The PICA Drug Card arrived a bit late for many of our members, so our phones lines were very busy on Monday, but by Tuesday the number of PICA-related calls had dropped sharply.

Some PICA cards were returned by the post office because members had not notified their health carrier when they moved. These problems can be corrected by notifiying the carrier -- GHI or HIP or whoever - of your correct mailing address.

The City has released the proposed answer key to the recent promotional exam for Associate Staff Analyst. To download a copy in PDF format, please click on the link below. You will need Acrobat Reader installed on your computer to read and print this file.

June 9, 2001 ASA Promotional Exam Proposed Answer Key

OSA Newsline - July 2, 2001

Contract negotiations moved forward last week with the completion of the work on the incoming non-economic demands sent by members. This week, our legal types will put on the final touches and we can submit the demands to the City.

Our thanks to Joan Doheny, Ed Price, Jeanie O'Sullivan, Jay Warshofsky and especially Tim Collins for their quick work.

Enjoy the 4th!