OSA Newsline July 24, 2000

New York City Personnel has scheduled the next Associate Staff Analyst promotional exam for next June. Filing is projected to occur as early as February, 2001. OSA will expect to provide classroom training for about one thousand of our members.

In the meantime, relax. OSA will meet with Personnel in the fall and will seek early information on the areas to be covered and the format of the proposed exam. Do not call OSA seeking more details, because we don't have any and as soon as we do they will be on the newsline and on this page.

OSA has been kindly invited to take part in the Labor Day Parade this year, and we will. It's set for Saturday, September 9th, so save the date.

OSA Newsline
July 10, 2000

Things slow down in the summer, so the newsline page will be updated on a bi-weekly schedule. At the union office, we are laboring over the summer mailing and we can give you a small preview.

One problem that we have is the interest earned last year. Since OSA invests in government paper only, you might imagine that we could not lose and, long term, we really can't. Short term is a different story. All bonds and notes are valued for the audit on December 31st and, this year, our bonds went down because interest rates went up. Our auditor will subtract the theoretical losses from the actual interest gained, and thus report that the interest went down this year versus last year. It's not really true, but how to explain it. That and other problems must be resolved before our summer mailing can be sent out to our members.