OSA Newsline - January 26, 1998

The State University is offering a free three credit Social Welfare Course called Human Behavior and the Social Environment I. It is a graduate level course and will be given 6:00 P.M. to 9:15 P.M. Monday evening, from now until May 4th. Location is 109 East 16th Street. If you are interested call Norma P. Van Lierof at 212-835-7019. This is for active staff only.

Belated congratulations to members Walter Sommerville and Peter Wood. Both were honored in November for completion of 30 years service to the Police Department. Thirty years is impressive.

The OSA General Membership meeting is this Thursday, 125 Worth Street, Second floor auditorium.

OSA Newsline - January 19, 1998

Citywide contract negotiations proceeded last week with a two page set of counter demands presented by the City for our amusement. The drug testing demand was vague and will need more specific language before it means anything at all.

The City had other demands as well but the chief negotiator for our side, Dennis Sullivan, reassured members of the Committee the City can ask for much but we don't have to agree to anything.

Negotiations will continue.

OSA has been joined by Jong Kil Park, the Senior Secretary to the National Labor Relations Committee of the Ministry of Labor of the Republic of Korea. Mr. Park is on a work study program to study American Labor and he will be with us two or three days a week for a while.

OSA Newsline - January 12, 1998

At Citywide contract bargaining last week, we had our first hint of the City demands. It was stated that it was likely the City would come in demanding some form of employee drug testing.

The City already requires such tests of some categories of employees. Police, Fire, Transit etc., so we will await their demand before reacting.

Recent pools and moving of ASA lists include NYCHA, HRA and DOH as of last week, with more pools expected this month.

The HRA and ACS list are down to a very small number of candidates left. Once all lists are exhausted the union will seek the next exam and, in the meantime we are working on the list results as we receive them. So far, most agencies have acted within the letter of the law.

OSA Newsline - January 5, 1998

There will be an ASA pool at HRA/ACS this week. According to information we received, their will be fourteen new ASA positions to be filled in addition to roll overs. Roll overs are confirmations in grade of previous provisional appointments.

In addition, the New York City Housing Authority has again requested the ASA promotion lists. Our members at NYCHA have been getting somewhat anxious since the Housing Authority had not yet moved their lists at all. Hopefully this will now change.

The union is receiving a fresh batch of reports on certification lists acted upon and returned by agencies. It is important to follow the actions of the agencies carefully since some agencies have a habit of not following the Personnel Rules very carefully.

City wide contract bargaining again resumes this week on Tuesday.