OSA Newsline - January 29, 2013

There is good news this week. Our team, led by Executive Director Sheila Gorsky, has been able to obtain the lists of newly eligible for membership Administrative Analysts Levels II and III.

Details should be available at this week’s membership meeting.

It looks very good overall in terms of numbers eligible, but the details are still being worked on. This week’s tape was delayed to Tuesday, in hopes of having the final number, but while it looks good it’s still in progress.

Come to this week’s membership meeting to hear how our nine-year effort all worked out.

OSA Newsline - January 21, 2013

OSA often provides space for well-meaning groups. This Friday evening, the local chapter of Toastmasters International is holding its meeting at our office – that’s this Friday, after work, on the 25th. You may download a flyer by clicking this link.

Toastmasters, if you are unaware of it, is a membership-run organization dedicated to helping its members become confident at public speaking. It is a very worthwhile organization and it does encourage any who attend to overcome shyness and to learn to feel comfortable when speaking in public.

There is no charge for OSA members wishing to attend – and there will be refreshments. If you are interested, call Carol at the union office in advance, so we will know how many will be coming on Friday.

The only other news this week is the school bus strike provoked by Mayor Bloomberg, our supposed “education mayor.” Students and parents are greatly inconvenienced, the school bus drivers and matrons are losing pay, and our mayor says he is helpless. Clueless, maybe. Helpless, no.

There was no need for this strike and we certainly do not want our children turned over to inexperienced staff, just so the mayor can say he is a free marketeer. The mayor is, once again, being nasty and irresponsible as he gets ready to leave office.

Finally, "Articles of Interest" contains a few new, well, articles of interest.

OSA Newsline - January 14, 2013

Volunteer organizer Ida Chin is getting better. Ida is known to many members because she handled outreach for our union. Since few OSA members attend meetings at the union hall in the evenings, Ida would arrange for the union to go to the members. She would work with the location delegates or chapter chairpersons to obtain a room for a meeting and make sure notice went out. On the day of the meeting, she would handle the sign-in sheet and distribute OSA pins and pens to those attending.

In November, Ida was at our office when she had a stroke and became unconscious. She was rushed to Bellevue Hospital. Her condition was serious, but Ida is tough and she has now regained consciousness. She is at present in Goldwater Memorial Hospital and we look forward to her full recovery.

On a lighter note, you may wish to check out the photos from our December holiday party at Grand Prospect Hall in Brooklyn and our retiree holiday celebration at the union headquarters. You can find both sets of photos in the OSA Photo Gallery section of this website under the button for December, 2012. We have also posted some new articles in the "Articles of Interest" section as well.

OSA Newsline - January 4, 2013

The newsline is being posted early to enable us to mention the loss of Joe Nazario, treasurer of the Social Service Employees Union, Local 371 of District Council 37. Joe was a friend to our organization and is known to many of us.

The wake will be held this Saturday and Sunday at the Ortiz Funeral Home, 141 East 103rd Street, between Lexington and Park Avenues. The funeral, on Monday, will be held at 9AM at 113 East 117th Street, again between Lexington and Park Avenues. The closest train is the 116th Street stop on the No. 6 IRT. Condolences may be sent to Anna Maria Claudio at 1195 Woodycrest Avenue, Bronx NY 10452.

Other news. Some members have been surprised by the recent increase in Social Security payroll taxes. The surprise is forgivable because Washington was not sure what they were going to do regarding taxes until just now.

The 2% increase restores the cut of 2% made to combat the recession. Meanwhile, such is human nature that we probably did not celebrate the 2% as much when we got it as we will mourn its loss now that it has been taken away. In any case, this particular payroll tax goes to pay for our Social Security, so it is somewhat defensible unlike most of our current tax code.