OSA Newsline - January 28, 2002

Negotiations continue on our Transit Authority and Uniformed Forces contracts this week. Progress is slow but steady.

Members are in need of caution in using Email while on the job. A number of minor complaints by management regarding Email in recent years has now escalated into actual charges brought against members.

Our first case, at the Administration for Children's Services, led to a negotiated penalty of a simple reprimand. Our second and current case that recently came in, at the Transit Authority, looks far more serious.

OSA members have to remember that the Email at work is the boss's property and can be used against us. As the Enron executives are now discovering, even deleted messages can be recovered under some circumstances.

Our January membership meeting is set for this Thursday at the union office, 220 East 23rd Street, Suite 709, at 6pm sharp. See you at the meeting.

OSA Newsline - January 21, 2002

A number of City agencies have reported that they are awaiting a response from the VCB before moving their ASA lists further. The Vacancy Control Board is now being appointed by Mayor Michael Bloomberg. We will follow closely.

Transit Authority negotiations were held last week and agreement was reached on a number of points. The union noted with approval the fact that the Transit non-represented Analysts had been paid the 1% equity. That percentage was not paid to the equivalent non-represented employees in City agencies and the Union praised the Authority's decision.

The Authority will meet with us again on the 31st, the day after our next session on behalf of our uniformed unit from the Police Department.

A mailing was sent out last week. If you don't get it by the end of this week, call Noreen for a copy and to verify your address. The same information will be posted shortly as the January "News From OSA" on this website.

OSA Newsline - January 14, 2002

Last week was quite busy. There was a negotiating session with the Transit Authority and matters have reached an interesting stumbling block. The union is insisting on time and one half pay after 40 hours of work each week; the Transit Authority is insisting that such benefit would be in and of itself worth up to 3 1/2% of payroll. Thus, the TA would like the union to pay for the overtime out of the settlement. We would not like to do so. Negotiations continue this week.

There were also negotiating meetings on health benefits, including one with National Vision Administrators, two location visits, an arbitration seminar, and a number of meetings with candidates on the Associate Staff Analyst promotional list.

We are losing one of our excellent volunteers this week. Bobby Lee, who has been of great value to OSA for the past year, is assuming a full-time role working for the Board of Elections. We thank him for his fine work on behalf of our members.

OSA Newsline - January 7, 2002

Negotiations are proceeding with the Transit Authority this week and we are also expecting an answer on our Uniformed Unit contract negotiations.

The City has asked for and received a delay on our union's petition to add 14 new members from the Department of Transportation. We do expect to win that case.

Our union continues to experience problems with the City's reluctance to include newly appointed Administrative Staff Analysts into our unit. Again, we are winning, but it is almost as difficult as we had expected. Two steps forward followed by one step back over and over.

The moving of the ASA list continues erratically. Many members have now been sent letters indicating that they have been considered, but not selected. In all such cases, members are to request restoration to the list immediately. Members should contact the union if they are turned down on their request.

Mayor Bloomberg's initial public statements have been very encouraging. He is aware that he will have a large fiscal deficit this year. Nonetheless, at present, he is insisting that he will try to preserve the career work force if at all possible. OSA will strongly support his efforts to do so.

Finally, a meeting is scheduled this week with NVA, our optical provider. The union is seeking further improvement in services for our members and we expect those improvements will be forthcoming. More news on that topic after the meeting.
OSA Newsline - January 1, 2002

Warmest Wishes
For a Happy, Healthy
New Year
to All OSA Members
and Retirees!