OSA Newsline - January 24, 2000

Our next general membership meeting will be held on Thursday, February 3rd since mail notice was delayed. Normally, the general membership meetings are held on the last Thursday of September, November, January, March and May, except November, when we have to work around the Thanksgiving Holiday. This month is delayed since completion of the new benefits statement took longer than planned.

You should have the mail by early this week, but if you do not receive it by the end of this week call Yvonne at 686-1229 so we can check your mailing address. The same information will be posted to this website shortly.

The Committee on Manifest Error has not yet completed judging all the appeals on the 1999 Staff Analyst exam. They ask those candidates who have not yet heard from them to be patient and to please not call Personnel to inquire at this time. The volume of phone inquiries is, they say, slowing their completion of their task.

OSA Newsline - January 18, 2000

Staff Analyst Exam appeal results are now being received. If you appealed and now have a perfect score, please call George Morgan or Sheila Gorsky with your new list number.

If your appeal was denied, please call George Morgan to make an appointment for help on your next and last level of appeal, to the Civil Service Commission. Call (212) 686-1229.

The mailing by the Prudential Insurance Company to our OSA members and retirees has confused many of our members. Basic insurance, paid by the OSA Welfare Fund, has increased for actives to $50,000. All the other mail relates only to the optional insurance you can buy without exam during the enrollment period.

OSA grievance rep Shirley Gray is arranging a couple of events for Black History Month. If you would like to help or just be informed, call Shirley at (212) 686-1229 or check the newsline section of this site in the weeks to come.

OSA Newsline - January 10, 2000

There isn't a great deal of news, generally, in the first week after the new year. As usual, our grievance section received a small spurt of charges against members last week. This is a yearly occurrence, since even management tries to avoid bringing charges just before the holidays.

At least one charge brought in the year 2000 is worthy of note. The Agency for Children's Services went to the trouble of charging our member with gritting her teeth at her superior. This was alleged to constitute unprofessional behavior and even obscene as well. Really!

We look forward to the hearings. We expect to have teeth gritting demonstrated by all testifying witnesses, analyzed for potentially obscene content by layer after layer of disciplinary hearing officer and finally adjudicated in our favor at the eventual arbitration.

We believe that gritting our teeth in the face of management misbehavior constitutes a difficult and restrained but highly professional response to such behavior. Twill be an interesting Millennium.