OSA Newsline -- February 22, 1999

Stories of Transit have dominated the newsline for the past season, but actually, we do have other irons in the fire as well.

Hearings continue for the Supervising Systems Analysts of the Health and Hospitals Corporation. There are almost a hundred Analysts involved and we expect a resolution this year.

Still more are involved in our Administrative Staff Analyst case before the Office of Collective Bargaining. We filed to represent pay levels M1, M2 & M3. After two years of examining their duties, it seems that most are doing work which is neither managerial nor confidential. This is no great surprise.

OCB has set early June as the end date for the hearings and we expect that most Administrative Staff Analysts will be found eligible for collective bargaining

OSA Newsline -- February 15, 1999

A hiring pool for Associate Staff Analysts is scheduled for both the Human Resources Administration and the Agency for Childrens Services. If we get lucky, the HRA list might

finally be exhausted as of this pool. HRA's list was originally the longest of the fifty City Agencies and had over two hundred names on it. At present there are only a few candidates left and slightly more jobs are listed as being available. If all these jobs are filled at the pool both the HRA and the ACS lists might be exhausted. OSA will have representatives at the pool.

Union representatives met with Transit officials from the TA's Office of Labor Relations last week. We indicated that the union's intent was to first establish a Chapter at TA and thereafter to submit bargaining demands by next month

OSA Newsline - February 8, 1999

We won our representation election at the Transit Authority last Friday, but we lost at MaBSTOA.

Of 228 eligible voters at TA, 97 voted for OSA and 57 voted against. As of that tally OSA's membership increased by over two hundred new brothers and sisters.

Sadly, although 77 of the MaBSTOA Analysts voted for OSA, 95 voted against unionization. As a result we will not represent MaBSTOA Analysts during the remainder of this contract period.

Great credit and praise are due to our dedicated organizing staff and huge amounts of admiration and affection are due to our courageous on-location supporters.

Please note, if the two elections had been combined we would have won over all. They were not and we did not, but tomorrow is another day.

OSA Newsline - February 1, 1999

The election at Transit & MaBSTOA will be complete as of this Wednesday. Ballots will be counted on Friday of this week.

A new newsline will be posted as soon as possible after that so our brothers and sisters in Transit can learn the results.

Regardless of the results, our union owes a debt of gratitude to the two dozen OSA activists who worked on the campaign and, even more so, to our on-location TA & OA supporters. Without the unlimited "chutzpah" of our field organizers, the dogged persistence of our telephone callers, and the crucial help of our agents within the Transit Authority, our campaign would never have gotten off the ground.

The TA is a tough opponent but we met them at every turn. Check this page again after Friday to learn how matters turned out.