OSA Newsline – February 28, 2000

The Easy Rider Coalition made some progress last week. Representatives of GHI visited our office to begin the process of improving their communications with those of our members who are enrolled in their Drug Rider. There will be more details in our next mailing, but it is clear that GHI is at last responding to our members complaints and that is a good sign.

Our union's Black History Month event last Friday went off very well. Coordinated by Shirley Gray, a number of prestigious African-American civil servants, union leaders, and public officials were recognized for their work. There was also entertainment and food -- and even a bit of drama.

The Diallo verdict, handed down barely a half hour before the start of the program, was much on the minds of those attending. Perhaps Manhattan Borough President C. Virginia Fields said it best. She noted that there would be many different opinions on this verdict, but that we must show respect for those differences of opinion – or else we could shut off all debate. Well said.

OSA Newsline – February 22, 2000

The results on appeals of the Staff Analyst exam have now reached the point that perhaps a thousand candidates have been regraded -- generally upwards. Members are being informed by Personnel as fast at the appeals are judged.

Candidates who receive notification on their appeal have one or two tasks to perform as soon as they get the letter. If they do not like the result, they have one further appeal available, but they must act in a timely fashion.

In all cases please notify OSA of the results of your appeal. Tell the staff person who answers the phone your new list number, score, name, address, work and home phone numbers. They will pass it along to Sheila Gorsky who is coordinating the information on the list.

Congratulations to all those who have been calling to report their success. We seem to have done very well this time.

OSA Newsline - February 14, 2000

There is a hiring pool for Staff analysts at the Agency for Children's Services this week. As in most agency pools in the last few months, ACS will be upgrading the provisional Staff Analysts and those in higher provisional titles at no cost to the agency.

For those candidates in a permanent title earning more than minimum for Staff Analyst, ACS personnel has said that they would not give the higher salary to a newly appointed Staff Analyst.

These candidates should not decline if not offered their current permanent salary. The agency must decline them.

If any problems do arise, call Sheila Gorsky at the union office or speak to any of our grievance representatives at (212) 686-1229.

OSA Newsline -- February 7, 2000

Our Black History celebration is set for Friday, February 25th from 5:30 to 9pm at the union office. Our topic is a salute to African-Americans in City Government and Labor. If you wish to attend, call George Morgan for reservations at 212-686-1229. Shirley Gray is leading this effort for OSA.

This Friday, the union office will be closed, as always occurs to celebrate Lincoln's Birthday. We celebrate both his role in favor of the abolition of slavery and as a great friend of labor. We quote:

All that harms Labor is treason to America. No line can be drawn between these two. If any man tells you he loves America, yet he hates Labor, he is a liar. If a man tells you he trusts America yet he fears Labor, he is a fool.

- From the speeches of Abraham Lincoln.