OSA Newsline - December 22, 1997

Our chief enumerator reported a total attendance of a bit over four hundred members and guests at our party last Thursday. This is an increase over last year but, even so, there was less crowding this year. The difference was due to the fact that the members spread out more this year than last.

In order to encourage the use of the other rooms, a small group of musicians, members of Local 802 of the American Federation of Musicians, performed from 5:30PM onwards.

Thanks are definitely due to the OSA staff and volunteers who did a fine job as food servers, bar tenders and clean up types.

The food was good, the drink was good, the music was good but best of all the company was more than just good, it was the OSA union family coming together.

The City mostly slows down to a near halt during this season so, hopefully, most of us can relax a bit for the next two weeks.

OSA Newsline - December 8, 1997

Citywide Collective Bargaining is resuming at this point.

A word of explanation. There are three sorts of union contracts for civilian City workers. Local unit contract talks are again in progress after the break that had occurred during our recent impasse proceeding. The Municipal Labor Committee bargaining is completed for the rest of this contract period and the third type of bargaining is the Citywide Contract bargaining. There have been no negotiations on that matter since 1992.

The Citywide Contract is the document which sets the 35 hour work week for most office workers, which sets meal allowance rules, time and leave standards, etc. More details on the current demands and the process in general will be in your next mailing.

Don't forget the Holiday party at the office, Thursday, December 18th. See you there!

OSA Newsline - December 1, 1997

The December General Membership meeting will be held this Thursday at 6PM sharp. The location will be at 125 Worth Street, second floor auditorium.

Topics on the agenda will include a discussion on the current moving of the ASA lists, a review of developments in our current organizing drives, and a discussion on the Welfare Fund as well.