OSA Newsline - December 26, 2016

Quiet defines this week and part of next. Our union will be open to assist candidates for the Administrative Director of Social Services exam this week, but filing closes at the end of the week.

Happy Holidays to all and check back in two weeks.

OSA Newsline - December 19, 2016

The news from last week is that there was no discussion last Tuesday on the proper longevity payments due to our newly promoted or appointed Administrative Staff Analysts. We had scheduled them, but it turns out the City had not. The City has now committed to a January date to discuss the issue, but it is the unionís belief that the current raises are too low and appointments are being made daily.

Therefore, we are filing a grievance to obtain the correct rate. We can always cancel the grievance if the City and the union end up agreeing in January, but we actually have little hope for that.

The more cheerful news from last week is our holiday party attendance. Weather fears were expected to diminish turnout, but a total of 550 attended so we spilled over into the balcony and a good time was had by all.

Monday and Tuesday of this week will see the second of the DCAS Citywide hiring pools for Administrative Staff Analyst Open Competitive. Numbers invited are from 1001 to 2000. OSA will be there.

Also continuing will be our help with members taking the Administrative exam for Director of Social Services. It is an Education and Experience exam and many of our members will have the background needed to score 100%. Training is free to members and others who join OSART. If this is you, call George at the union office for an appointment.

OSA Newsline - December 12, 2016

The City is offering an education and experience exam for Administrative Director of Social Services, but filing ends soon. Our union will offer to assist any candidate seeking to file for the open competitive exam and Social Service Employees Union Local 371 will assist those qualified to take the promotional exam.

If you are a member of OSA, the service is free and if you are currently serving in a non-OSA title, you can join OSART and we will assist you as well.

The value of this exam is that it can lead to a permanent civil service rank as an Administrative level employee. Those who should consider it are those who do not have permanent rank, especially if they have ever served in a social services agency, public or private. A bachelors degree is required plus a number of years of experience. Call George at the union office to register for help in the evening, but do so quickly.

On a festive note, We hope you see you at our holiday party, this Thursday evening.

Finally, this coming Sunday morning, 12/18, at 11am ET, Jon Stewart will be leading a livestream to make 9/11 responders and survivors (including many OSA members and retirees who worked downtown on 9/11 and in the weeks and months afterward) aware of the health care available to them at the World Trade Center Health Program. 9/11 Environmental Action will be streaming the event live on their Facebook page. It should be informative.You can reach the livestream at www.facebook.com/911ea.

OSA Newsline - December 5, 2016

Members have been calling the union office to report continuing agency confusion related to the salaries due after promotion to Administrative Staff Analyst.

Yes, there is a lot of confusion. Our union sent out a letter to all members on August 26th and, thanks to that letter, some agencies got it correct. Many did not.

We already met once with the Office of Labor Relations to ask them to straighten it out and, at least in part, OLR did agree with us. They did not agree entirely and asked for a few weeks to do research and gather their information for a presentation. Fine, a second meeting is scheduled this month and we would hope the City will see it our way. If not, we will grieve the issue and, assuming we win, there will be a lot of retroactive monies due payment to our members.

As far back as over six months ago, some of our members were being told that they would lose money if promoted and therefore they should refuse appointment. Thanks to our August letter, eligible members have apparently all accepted promotions and that is good. Had they turned them down out of bad information, retrieving those promotions would have been very difficult.

Now we have to get the pay done correctly. Patience, it is a process.

Finally, the City is holding an experience and education exam for Administrative Director of Social Services this month. Filing opened December 1st and closes December 30th. It is not a title that OSA represents. However, if you would like to take the exam, the union will be offering members of OSA and OSART assistance with filing for the exam this month. Call the union office at 212-686-1229 and ask to schedule an appointment for assistance. You can find the Notice of Exam at the following links:

Notice of Exam - Administrative Director of Social Services - Open Competitive

Notice of Exam - Administrative Director of Social Services - Promotional