OSA Newsline - December 26, 2011

Merry Christmas, Happy Hannukah, Happy Kwanzaa, Happy New Year and, if we left a holiday out, hurray for that one, too.

There is no immediate or dramatic news right now and, for the rest, we have a mailing going out in early January.

So, be happy or merry with family and loved ones and, in the meantime, enjoy the slide show below of photos taken at our annual holiday party in early December by Director of Media Services Rob Spencer:

OSA Newsline - December 19, 2011

Test scores are out for the Analyst exams. As a result, our phone lines are filled with candidates asking questions about the civil service process.

We actually went over all that information at a seminar hosted earlier this year, but most members had no interest until the cards showed up in the mailboxes.

Okay, so we will do it again.

Sheila Gorsky has promised to host another evening soon. If you got your card and have a question or three, you will want to attend.

The precise date will be announced on the newsline soon and for those who did well, congratulations.

Meanwhile, below you will find the complete Open Competitive Staff Analyst, Open Competitive Associate Staff Analyst and Promotion to Associate Staff Analyst lists. The lists are posted in numerical order, ranked with highest scorers first. For the promotional lists, we have one large file but you should look carefully at the agency code in the header for your own agency's specific list.

  • Open Competitive Staff Analyst List

  • Open Competitive Associate Staff Analyst List

  • Promotion to Associate Staff Analyst Lists (By Agency)

    The Municipal Labor Committee was approached by the mayor’s office this past week. The mayor would like the MLC to take a position on the taxicab bill pending up in Albany. If it fails, we were told, a one billion dollar hole will appear in the city budget.

    Strangely, that argument did not impress the labor leaders in the room. After all, the mayor is offering us no raise at all and is asking us to accept givebacks as well. We are also expecting him to threaten layoffs if we don’t give him givebacks. Now, we do know he has millions and hundreds of millions for any project he likes but he has none, none at all, for us and he wants to pick our pockets as well. In that context, we could care less about his financial problems alleged or real.

    At the same time, there are benefits to the proposed bill. The history of taxi service in New York City is a long story, but there are those still alive who can remember hailing yellow cas on the Grand Concourse in the Bronx and on Ocean Parkway in Brooklyn. Licensing for hailing the car services that now serve the boroughs is not a bad idea - and even Manhattan could use a few more yellow cabs.

    MLC chairperson Harry Nespoli reached out to the Taxi Drivers’ Association and found the drivers to be okay with the changes. On that basis, a letter will go out supporting the bill.

  • OSA Newsline - December 12, 2011

    The demonstration on Saturday went off well, especially because the weather was nice for December. A warm thanks to the OSA members who attended.

    The Personnel branch of DCAS was expected to issue the Analyst exam lists last week but it did not happen.

    Okay, so look forward to a letter in your mailbox from DCAS this week. Good luck to those of our members awaiting their results.

    The holiday party went off well this year. This year’s music pleased everyone - pretty much - and food, drink and company were all excellent. Photos will be up in the OSA Photo Gallery section in a couple of weeks.

    OSA Newsline - December 9, 2011

    The Department of Citywide Administrative Services has published the final answer keys for the Staff Analyst, Associate Staff Analyst and Promotion to Associate Staff Analyst exams given in February of 2010. You will find them at the links below. There are two sets of keys. One is for all versions and dates of the Staff Analyst and Education Analyst exam given (including makeup exams and sabbath observer days) and the other is for all versions and dates of the Associate Staff Analyst and Associate Education Analyst exams given (including makeup exams and sabbath observer days). The key for the open competitive and the promotional version of the Associate Staff Analyst exam is, of course, the same.

    Staff Analyst (Exam No. 0150) and Education Analyst (Exam No. 0116) Final Answer Key

    Associate Staff Analyst (Exam No. 0107), Promotion to Associate Staff Analyst (Exam No. 0507), Associate Education Analyst (Exam No. 0106) and Promotion to Associate Education Analyst (Exam No. 0504) Final Answer Key

    From the evidence of the keys, your protests and DCAS's review has led to the acceptance of one or more alternate answers on three questions on the Associate Exams and six questions on the Staff and Education Analyst Exams, including one question for which any answer will be accepted.

    As soon as we have the lists themselves we will post them on this site, both in the Weekly Newsline section and the "Exams, Lists and Training" section of the site.

    And don't forget to turn out tomorrow, Saturday, December 10, 2011 for a march and rally to protect our voting rights. The union will be gathering at 11am at the corner of Madison Avenue and 60th Street. Look for the union banner.

    OSA Newsline - December 5, 2011

    Three items this week.

    First, if you have not yet sent in your coupon for the holiday party, it is now too late to get the tickets out by mail. So, if you still want to come to the party, call George at the union office at 212-686-1229 and let him know.

    Second, DCAS is expected to be publishing the analyst exam lists this week. Normally, that will mean you can expect to receive grade cards in the mail. If you don’t get a card, next week’s newsline will have more information.

    Finally, there is a demonstration set for Saturday, December 10th, two days after the holiday party. This one is a rally against voter suppression. Some states are passing dreadful laws. For example, in Florida a school teacher is up on charges for having encouraged her senior class to register to vote. Her crime was that she failed to follow a new state law requiring her to register with the Board of Elections in Florida before she told the kids to fill out the voter registration applications. Some law.

    The demonstration will start at 11am, so OSA will be gathering at 60th Street and Madison Avenue at 10:45am. Look for our banner. We’ll be walking from the home of the brothers Koch to Dag Hammarskjold Plaza at 47th Street and Second Avenue – and let’s hope it is a nice day. Remember, Saturday, December 10th.

    You can read more information about the issue at the following link: stand4freedom.org. Then sign the pledge you can find at this link: Stand For Freedom Pledge.