OSA Newsline - August 24, 1998

A mailing went out last week notifying members that the union is close to concluding the final money part of our 1995 to 2000 contract.

Adding new monies to old, if all is correct, OSA members will be due a thousand dollar longevity increase in salary after serving ten years, fifteen, and twenty.

The details are complex, with the 10 and 15 year longevity following the old rules and the 20 year differential following the new rules for pension, compounding, and the like.

Since OSA is refusing the annuity part of the package, increases on the longevity will be due next June rather than in the year 2000.

Final details should be available at the September general membership meeting.

Other news: 370 Jay Street, headquarters for many Analysts at the Transit Authority, has been sold. The TA will shift most of those offices to 2 Broadway by the year 2001.

OSA Newsline - August 10, 1998

Early reports on the payroll front were mixed. Most members appear to have received the 3 percent raise, but in some cases the raise arrived and the retroactive monies did not. In other cases, the raise itself was not in the August 7 paycheck at all.

Those members in the Health & Hospitals Corporation, Board of Education and a few of the City Agencies who did not get the raise on August 7 are now due to receive it on August 21. There is, however, the old saying in regard to payment of raises due from the City: "Never spend it until you get it."

Negotiations on completion of the monetary part of our remaining package are now going well. We have received the latest set of numbers from the City and they look pretty good, compared to the earlier numbers. We will have more news on that topic in two weeks.