OSA Newsline - August 10, 2017

We had bad news this week in that we did not win the MaBSTOA collective bargaining election. This was a great disappointment to all those working on the campaign and to our supporters at MaBSTOA as well.

There was some good news also. About twenty years ago, MaBSTOA analysts voted, by a small majority, to trust management rather than the union. A generation later a far wiser group of voters supported union coverage by a vote of nine to one.

It is also true that our opposition in this election, the Transport Workers Union Local 100 is a strong and dynamic union, so we did face a worthy opponent and on their own turf as well.

Thanks to OSA’s volunteer organizers and our outnumbered, but staunch supporters at MaBSTOA.

The only other current news concerns ongoing negotiations at NYC Health+Hospitals and they occurred again this week, but again, no conclusions.

Check back for the latest news on September 1st.

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AUDIO August 10, 2017