OSA Newsline - August 29, 2016

The big news this week is that not only are all the Analyst lists out, DCAS is sending out certification lists, so appointments will be occurring soon.

One item already brought to our attention is that the management of some agencies are telling our members that they donít want to be promoted or appointed because the candidate will lose money.

Thatís not true. Longevity payments are stated in our union contract as being base pay. That means you can not lose that money because you are being promoted. You can and will get more at the higher title.

If any member has declined promotion or appointment based on such misinformation, call our grievance office and also tell your HR department you are rescinding that declination immediately.

DCAS has not yet taken any steps to correct their strange offer to some, but not all, candidates to cross file for promotion or open competitive lists after the exams were completed and the scores were known.

The only fair step is to make that offer available to all candidates who would benefit from it.

We are all going to be very busy with lists moving for a while. If you are called to a hiring pool, please call us at the union office. This applies to all lists.

Something odd has occurred in our Manhattan and Bronx Surface Transit Operating Authority Analyst Organizing Campaign.

Our campaign obtained enough cards to seek an election at MaBSTOA this month and filed a letter with the Authority seeking voluntary recognition on August 12th. We did not expect a yes, but such a request is preliminary to filing the cards to demand an election.

MaBSTOA turned us down on August 19th, so we took the next step and filed for an election. Meanwhile, our competitor in this drive, the Transport Workers Union filed a request for voluntary recognition on August 19th, and then put out two leaflets on one day claiming victory and stating they had gotten there before OSA.

It is not appropriate to claim victory in such a case and we did not claim it, but they did. We assume MaBSTOA will turn them down as they did OSA and, if not, we will have to wonder why?

Finally, next week is Labor Day, so hurray for us all. Please donít forget that the following Saturday will be the Labor Day Parade up Fifth Avenue. If you are able to walk one mile with us, your union banner will be leading us proudly.

The day is Saturday, September 10th, a bit before noon on 47th Street between Fifth and Sixth Avenues. Actually, we are nearer to Sixth Avenue. Lunch will follow our walk.

You should be receiving the summer mailing this week. Included will be a new beneficiary form for our new insurance company that needs to be returned.

There are other seminar coupons and cards, so read it carefully and send us back the responses.

For example, since lists are out, the civil service seminar is really quite timely. Send in that coupon, attend the seminar and insure you take no missteps regarding your career.

OSA Newsline - August 22, 2016

The Department of Citywide Administrative Services has made public the results of the open competitive Administrative Staff Analyst exam. We have posted the list in Score and Alphabetical Order below:

OC Administrative Staff Analyst List Exam No. 5011 Score Order with Selective Certifications

OC Administrative Staff Analyst List Exam No. 5011 Alphabetical Order

The promotional Administrative Staff Analyst List from Exam No. 5517 is now out as well as is posted at the following link:

Promotional Administrative Staff Analyst List Exam No. 5517 Score Order by Agency with Selective Certifications

Some interesting statistics: 3,028 individuals took the Staff Analyst exam and 838 passed; 698 individuals took the promotional Associate Staff Analyst exam and 218 passed; 3,662 individuals took the open competitive Associate Staff Analyst exam and 1,479 passed; 5,884 individuals took the open competitive Administrative Staff Analyst exam and 3,614 passed it and, finally, 2,024 took the promotional Administrative Staff Analyst exam and 1455 passed it.

To help decipher the selective certification codes, DCAS was kind enought to provide the information at the link below, which indicates the three letter codes for the specific selective certifications on each exam (ASA and Administrative Staff Analyst):

Selective Certification Code Guide

Finally, we are aware that members took the Open Competitive Administrative Manager Exam No. 5010. As a courtesy, we are posting it here, although we do not represent Administrative Manager; CWA 1180 does.We are also posting the list from Administrative Manager Promotional Exam No 5516.

OC Administrative Manager List Exam No. 5010 Alphabetical Order

Promotional Administrative Manager List Exam No. 5516 Agency/Score Order

OSA Newsline - August 15, 2016

Not only are the Staff Analyst and Associate Staff Analyst lists out, on the 17th, the Administrative Staff Analyst list is also due to come out. As soon as we do have it, we will place it on our www. osaunion.org website.

As most members are aware, open competitive exams are identical to promotional exams, although there is a slight difference in the grading system for promotional exams.

Thus, if you filed for the promotional exam and passed, it follows that you would also have passed the open competitive exam.

For that reason, the OSA leadership is always advising our members to file for both the open competitive and, if eligible, for the promotional exam as well. Most members do, but a few do not.

Last week, DCAS reached out both to successful candidates for the Administrative Manager exam and to successful candidates for the Administrative Staff Analyst exam. These candidates who DCAS knew had passed their exam were encouraged to come in to the testing center at 2 Lafayette Street, 17th floor, to file for whichever exam (open competitive or promotional) they had not filed for, but would have passed if they had filed for it.

This is a first ever action by DCAS as far as we know and affects CWA Local 1180 members as well as OSA members.

We donít know the details since DCAS did not notify us directly about this action and supposedly the window of opportunity for such late filing ended at 4pm last Friday.

The impact will not be great since most candidates who passed the test are promoted and those who know their agency is unfriendly to them almost always file for the open competitive exam as a safety measure.

Even so, there are unanswered questions here. Was every successful candidate notified that they could file for the open competitive or the promotional exam during the five day window of last week? If not, why not? And would notifying less than everyone be appropriate? We will know more soon.

Then, there is one piece of really good news. Over five years ago, OSA began working with the United Federation of Teachers to gain union status for ununionized Education Analysts. Three years ago, 112 more Education and Associate Education Analysts became members of the UFT. This year, they will be joined by 470 Administrative Education Analysts Levels I through IV.

The lead UFT representative in this fight was Howie Shore, currently the Secretary of that powerful union. He had two strong assistants, Eileen and Robert who were working with him, as well as a top ranking officer, Emelina Camacho-Mendez, but he also had three OSA retirees working as volunteers to make it all happen.

John Harper, a former Administrative Education Analyst himself, was there along with Mike Daflos and Mike Falzarano of our organization section.

We are very pleased that our five year cooperative effort with the UFT has been so successful. We compliment all those involved and look forward to even more cooperation in the years to come.

Finally, the Labor Day Parade approaches. Please set aside Saturday, September 10th. We will gather around noon to step off into the parade and there will be lunch afterwards. It is both fun and also very significant.

OSA Newsline - August 1, 2016

Earlier in July, the Department of Citywide Administrative Services made public the list for the Staff Analyst exam given in late May of 2015. Weíve posted it as a PDF file in two places on this website Ė as part of the July 22nd weekly newsline and on the Exams, Lists and Training page. There are 834 eligibles on the list. You can download the list In score or alphabetical order.

On July 28th, DCAS additionally made public the lists for the Associate Staff Analyst Exams given in May of 2015. The promotional ASA list has slightly more than 200 eligibles and the open competitive ASA list has 1479 eligibles. Both are posted in two places on this website, as part of the July 28th newsline update and on the Exams, Lists and Training page. These lists are in score order. We also have posted the open competitive ASA list in alphabetical order as well.

If you took any of these exams, you should have or soon will be receiving a card from DCAS in the mail with your score. Next up will be the results of the Administrative Staff Analyst Exam given in June of 2015. Again, as soon as we have the lists, we will post them on this website.

Congratulations to all of the candidates who passed these exams.

Meanwhile, our organizing drive for Staff Analysts in the Manhattan and Bronx Surface Transit Operating Authority continues with much progress in obtaining the union designation cards needed to gain a collective bargaining representation election from the Public Employment Relations Board.

Negotiations continue on a non-economic contract with the New York City Housing Authority, with the next negotiating session planned for August.

Negotiations on a first contract for our brothers and sisters in the Senior Consultant Management Information Services title at New York City Health + Hospitals will take place in September.

Finally, our grievance department was able to recently gain overdue monies for a number of Staff Analyst Trainees in the New York City Police Department whose expected salary increase when they moved from Level 1 to 2 had been unfairly delayed.