OSA Newsline - August 13, 2012

Vice Chair Tom Anderson reports: "Our union status is good. Grievance representatives and organizers are bearing up well with the heat and other vicissitudes of the weather. Our negotiations team is in a “you’ve got to be kidding” attitude vis-a-vis citywide negotiations, since our billionaire mayor offers to take more money from our pay to fund his gifts to SAIC and other friendly companies for the good of the city. It seems that his attitude is that we are not civil servants, but rather civil slaves. Oh. I’m sorry, I got carried away."

"Coming up is the Labor Day Parade. Details are in our current mailing, which should reach you very soon. (The contents of that mailing are already posted on this website as the August 2012 edition of the OSA Newsletter.)"

"Please come to the Labor Day Parade. The parade is an expression of your will to be a force in your own destiny. Remember you are all on a battlefield being shelled by the leeches of society who think they have the right to enslave you and carry you into the depths of....oh, I’m sorry. Back to the message."

"We have taken a new approach to the summer packet, trimming down the reading matter to the necessary coupons for courses and the like, our financial statement, a message from Bob, and offering less in the way of overall reading material. Please use your public library for entertainment this year."

"Read what’s there, so that you do not miss anything. The online version of the mailing on this website will have additional materials as an eleemosynary treat. God bless Rob Spencer for keeping it up-to-date and beautiful."

"This message will be revised asap, if something happens. Stay cool and prepare for a rocky fall marching season and prepare by exercising carefully and remembering your dignity. Love to you all, bye bye for now."