OSA Newsline - August 17, 2009

The summer mailing is going out and should be received by you within two weeks. The mailing is a bulk rate mailing since it is full of stuff, including our most recent contract. The same content is already up on this website as the August 2009 edition of News From OSA. Donít forget the part about the upcoming labor day parade. Thatís quite important. The parade is scheduled for Saturday, September 12 and OSA members will be gathering at 11:15am on 46th Street between 5th and 6th Avenues. Look for our banners.

The raises are on schedule for those due them Ė September 18th for city workers, a week later for the New York City Housing Authority, and early October for HHC.

Otherwise, itís a quite month, mostly.

OSA Newsline - August 3, 2009

The City Council has now, at last, finally passed the bill allowing OSA members, after two years of service, to move to nearby suburban New York counties. The timing is good in one sense since housing prices are down at this point. Still, we are not going to celebrate the partial revocation of a law that was dishonest in theory and practice from its first day 31 years ago. At least itís revoked.

One of our Sanitation Department activists was honored two weeks ago in a quiet ceremony. Betty Leftridge was recognized for 28 years of service to her agency, during which period, she acted to protect the health and safety of her fellow workers. She was also involved in a successful effort to develop a voice for the women of her agency. Sanitation chapter chairperson Stephen Parker also took part in the ceremony. Ms. Leftridge and Mr. Parker are shown in the photo, along with OSA Chair Bob Croghan, who made the presentation.