OSA Newsline - August 28, 2006

At a meeting this morning, the bargaining coalition headed by Harry Nespoli and Randi Weingarten refined our joint economic demands. There was a lively discussion, but surprisingly a consensus was reached.

Once the details are fleshed out, it is expected that the demands will be submitted to the City by mid-September.

Our Transit Authority members apparently did receive the 3.25% increase in salary last week and will receive the retroactive monies as of next pay period if all goes well.

Our Board of Education unit reports that the appropriate papers have been sent by Labor Relations to the Chancellor for approval, so that should be done soon as well.

On Saturday September 9th.... Thousands of us... well actually not thousands... Hundreds of us...well maybe not hundreds... Some of us, anyway, will get together on the Southeast corner of 47th Street and Sixth Avenue at 1:30pm. OSA is again a proud part of the Labor Day Parade, held on the Saturday after the holiday.

You will be very welcome and please feel free to bring the kids. Not only will you be provided with the OSA t-shirt and cap, but, by tradition, after the two mile walk up Fifth Avenue, we take over a restaurant and all have dinner together. Itís actually a very nice day and at no cost to you, save carfare.

If you can come, please call Bobby Lee, Rob Spencer or Mike Weiss at the union office at (212) 686-1229 to let us know, so we can have enough t-shirts on the day itself. You can download a flyer here to remind yourself of the date, place and time. Share it with your fellow OSA members.

Finally, on September 7th, OSA will co-sponsor a town hall on the community health effects of the World Trade Center disaster on residents, workers, students and visitors. The two hour event will be held at St. Paul's Chapel on Broadway between Vesey and Fulton Streets from 6:30 to 8:30pm. The moderator will be Juan Gonzalez of the Daily News and the evening will feature presentations by medical experts, community members and workers on the health impacts of 9/11. You can download a flyer for the Town Hall by clicking here.

Thatís all the news until September 11th. We look forward to seeing many of you at the parade.

OSA Newsline - August 14, 2006

As of today, the Senior Management Consultant title of the Health and Hospitals Corporation is represented by the Organization of Staff Analysts. Mail has gone out to the Consultants and more will follow.

As of August 14th, their status changes to permanent noncompetitive employee and they can no longer be dismissed at will. In addition to due process rights, some workers will now begin to be paid overtime for work beyond 35-hours-a-week.

It will be September 1st before the Senior Management Consultants are covered by our Welfare Fund.

We welcome our new brothers and sisters to the union. The September membership meeting will be extended to provide a special forum for our new members.

Show your support for your union and organized labor. Mark your calendar for the 2006 Labor Day Parade which will take place this year on Saturday, September 9, 2006, the Saturday after the official holiday.

Last year, about 50 OSA members and retirees marched up Fifth Avenue. Most of them are pictured in the photo above by Rob Spencer. This year, our contingent will gather at 1:30pm at the southeast corner of 47th Street and Sixth Avenue.

All those marching will receive an OSA cap and t-shirt. You can download a flyer here. Share it with your brothers and sisters at work. Family members are invited and welcome. If you are going to be able to join us, please call the union office at (212) 686-1229 and let us know. Speak with Bobby Lee, Michael Weiss or Robert Spencer and let them know that you're coming and the number of others coming with you. We also have a limited number of grandstand tickets for those unable to march. If you are interested in those seats, contact Michael, Bobby or Rob as well.