OSA Newsline - August 18, 2003

Actually, except for the recent blackout, there was not much news in the early part of August. Tom Anderson is awaiting the return of some labor relations officials from vacation to hopefully conclude the details on the health monies reimbursement and the union is awaiting a written reply on our most recent request on the overdue one percent from our last contract.

A meeting of the Municipal Labor Committee is scheduled during the next fortnight and our organizing efforts are moving forward as well.

In short, it's a fairly normal, except for blackouts, August.

This year's Labor Day Parade is scheduled for Saturday, September 6th. OSA's contingent in the last Labor Day Parade in 2001 drew more than 40 members. We'd like to do at least as well this year. OSA's contingent will assemble at 1:15PM at the northeast corner of 46th Street and Sixth Avenue, on 46th Street, just east of Sixth Avenue, in front of Jean Louis David Haircutters. Because we are trying to gauge member participation, those interested in marching are asked to call either Joe Sperling or Rob Spencer at the union office (212) 686-1229 to let us know you plan to join us. OSA marchers will receive a new OSA t-shirt and baseball cap, as well as food at the end of the march.

There is also a Labor Mass on Sunday, September 7th at 10:15AM at St. Patrick's Cathedral, 51st and 5th Avenue. Because the Mass has limited seating, if you are interested in being part of an OSA contingent at the event, call Eric Mayr at the union office (212) 686-1229 so adequate seating can be arranged.

And mark your calendars for the Immigrant Workers Freedom Ride on Saturday, October 4th, in Flushing Meadows Park in Queens. OSA is endorsing this rally and festival organized by the national labor federation, the AFL-CIO. A national mobilization to focus public attention on immigrant rights and the injustices of current immigration policies, the Freedom Ride is inspired by the Civil Rights movement of the 1960s. Buses will converge on the Park from all over the country as labor, religious and civic groups unite to demand legalization and a road to citizenship for all immigrant workers in this country, the right to reunite families, and protection of worker rights on the job without regard to legal status. OSA will be fielding a contingent at this rally. If you'd like to participate call Noreen Fabre-Stahl or Bobby Lee at the union office (212) 686-1229. For more information about the Freedom Ride, visit the Freedom Ride website.
OSA Newsline - August 4, 2003

About forty years ago, a young caseworker named Mike Altman became active with his union. Mike became the Social Service Employees Union representative at Boulevard Welfare Center. Thereafter, Mike was re-elected many times over the many years thereafter in one location after another.

Eventually, in the mid-nineties, Mike retired from the City. Almost immediately thereafter, Mike came to work as a volunteer field organizer for OSA. Mike has been giving his time to the cause of labor for many years and his retirement last week from our organization division is a great loss to us.

During Mike's years of helping OSA, over a thousand members gained union coverage and most of them knew Mike and felt free to talk to him about almost anything.

We thank you Michael, for all the good you have done and for being a friend to all those workers seeking representation and a bit more fairness on the job.