OSA Newsline - August 19, 2002

The union is waiting for a response from the City to our demand on the 1% equity award. A mailing on this topic will be going out in the near future. The annual bulk rate mailing is also nearly ready, so there will be a lot of reading matter in your mailbox shortly. The mailing will also be posted on this website as the August 2002 News From OSA.

Check back for the next update after Labor Day.
OSA Newsline - August 5, 2002

The union executive board voted Thursday to financially assist the Transport Workers Union members who are on strike in Queens. We have now joined a number of other city unions in showing our support for the workers who are enduring a long and costly strike. Our hearts go out to both the drivers on the sweltering picket lines as well as the riders who have been greatly inconvenienced. Strikes are never easy, although they are, sometimes, necessary.

Our negotiating team has concluded discussions and has asked the City to implement payment of the one percent (1%) equity monies. The City now needs to examine and hopefully to agree with our numbers. There is also one complex issue that we need clarified before final agreement is reached. We need to know how the City will treat a member who is promoted by exam from Associate Staff Analyst to Administrative Staff Analyst. We don't believe the City has thought the matter out, but an exam at some point is inevitable. The union has thought the matter out and we will insist on our members' existing contractual gains being protected if they are promoted.

Check back for the next update in two weeks.