OSA Newsline August 28, 2000

The big summer mailing has begun to arrive at members' homes, but it is bulk rate, so it may come anytime in the next two weeks. Meanwhile, next week's tape will give details about our union's place in the Labor Day Parade to be held on Saturday, September 9th. Please join your brothers and sisters in OSA's contingent in the parade.

OSA Newsline
August 21, 2000

The Health and Hospitals Corporation is offering an early retirement incentive. This offer is open to any employee with over ten years on the job or who is over 50 years of age and is regardless of pension tier.

The deal is an extra one month of retirement credit for each year of credited service up to 36 months of extra credit maximum. The changes made last Spring gave up to two years in service credit to members in tiers one and two, but simply reduced pension contributions for tier four. Thus the new HHC offer may appeal to older tier four members who are looking to retire. The enrollment period is from November 1st to December 29th of this year. Otherwise, matters are quiet in regard to negotiations and Labor is preparing for the Labor Day Parade. OSA has been assigned a place in that parade this year so we will march.

OSA Newsline
August 7, 2000

The summer mailing was delayed by a late welfare fund audit report but hopefully you will still receive it this month.

OSA has been negotiating with the City on the Administrative Staff Analyst case and we may reach completion this summer, or not.

The Office of Collective bargaining clearly did not find very many Manager level employees who were actually treated as managers.

In fact, since the days of Ed Koch, many City managers have often been an underpaid class of worker called a manager simply to avoid payment of overtime.

We know it, the city knows it, and now we have proven it through years of hearings and testimony.

It would be nice if we settle the case this year, but if not, our cause is just, the facts are clear, we will never give up, and we will win.