OSA Newsline - April 24, 2017

Two bits of bad news last week. First, still more “managerial” (quotes around that) employees are being laid off by NYC Health + Hospitals. These employees are not really managerial nor have they ever been managerial in the normal sense of the word. None of them can even make as much in the way of policy decisions as your normal candy store owner. Nonetheless, H+H has been calling them managerial for years to avoid giving them the rights and protections due to union employees.

They are workers and we are distressed to see them being laid off as many of them were a couple of months ago and again, now, even more of them this week. Our hearts go out to them.

Less serious, but still disappointing, our meeting at the Public Employment Relations Board with the Manhattan and Bronx Surface Transit Operating Authority did not generate a date for the actual collective bargaining election.

Instead, there was a new list provided by MaBSTOA showing more recent employment data and this led to a further delay. Nonetheless, we get closer all the time and an election will be held.

There was some good news as Arthur Cheliotes of CWA Local 1180 filled us in on their settlement affecting Administrative Managers

The proposed settlement seems fine to us, but Arthur asked that details not be made public as the agreement still must be brought before the US Department of justice. We will naturally honor his request, but we are most hopeful over the prospects.

If all goes well, the distorted pay system imposed by Ed Koch on civil service managerial employees may well be corrected, at least in part. It has been a long fight.

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OSA Newsline - April 17, 2017

Last week was quiet, with all of the religious holidays, but this week looks interesting.

We will be meeting with Arthur Cheliotes, President of CWA 1180, early this week. Details on the victory in the Administrative Manager salary dispute were not available in last week’s Chief, but Arthur will know.

Some members have expressed hope that the Administrative Manager victory will spill over onto the salaries of Administrative Staff Analysts. Perhaps, but if so, it would most likely affect only the minimum salaries and, then, only prospectively. More, as we learn the details.

We are also looking forward to the meeting with the Public Employment Relations Board judge on the issue of the MaBSTOA collective bargaining election. That meeting is set for this Wednesday.

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OSA Newsline - April 10, 2017

We had good news last week. Agreement has been reached between the unions and MaBSTOA management to allow the election to go forward.

MaBSTOA’s management had insisted that 198 employees be exempted from the upcoming election. We were able to shrink that number to 89 in early talks and, at present, they have agreed to cut the number still further.

On the one hand, our union is very distressed that any potential member is being denied a right to vote due to bogus claims of their being managerial and/or confidential. On the other hand, we know that after a union victory in the election, we will be able to petition to add the persons improperly left out and, in most cases, we will win that judgement.

Strangely, we feel a bit sorry for the Manhattan and Bronx Surface Transit Operating Authority’s Office of Labor Relations. Those innocent civil servants have been ordered by their bosses to continue to insist that one of the workers involved, a Staff Analyst Trainee, does help set policy on fare increases in New York City.

Of course he does not, but they have to say he does – and that is embarrassing. The matter will certainly be corrected after the election.

The main thing is that the election can now go forward. We will be meeting with the Public Employment Relations Board judge on April 19th to work out final details.

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OSA Newsline - April 3, 2017

A question was raised at last week’s membership meeting regarding affiliation. In response, a report was given on prior years and on the most recent activities of the unions seeking our allegiance.

OSA, at present, has been talking to DC37, the UFT, OPEIU and the TWU. We are pleased with the success of the UFT in unionizing Analysts over the past few years, and we were encouraged by DC37's recent efforts. More yet needs to be seen, but our criteria remains clear. A possible affiliation will need to bring benefit to our members and we do believe strongly in organizing.

Speaking of organizing, we were awaiting a decision by MaBSTOA management on a group of employees they had alleged were managerial or confidential. Okay, we are still waiting, but now we have reached out to the Public Employment Relations Board (PERB) judge to schedule a meeting this month whether or not we get a response. We are impatient.

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