OSA Newsline - April 24, 2006

A meeting was held at DCAS last week. Among the topics discussed were the Administrative Staff Analyst exam, the Staff Analyst Trainee exam, and the Associate Staff Analyst exam.

DCAS heard our complaints about the Administrative exam, especially in relation to the air conditioning for some, but not for all candidates. DCAS has given us reason to believe the exam results should be out soon.

Also good news was that DCAS is thinking about an Associate exam for 2007, hopefully in the spring or fall or else entirely in air-conditioned rooms.

The Staff Analyst Trainee exam, it turns out, was not even being considered by DCAS, but now it may be, and hopefully it will be an E & E exam and soon.

A further discussion was held on the topic of a college degree requirement to take the Staff Analyst exam. Our argument in favor of more flexibility on the topic was greatly assisted by two experts who had agreed to speak on OSA’s behalf. Dr. Lilliam Barrios Paoli, former Director of Personnel for New York City and Dr. Irwin Polishook, former president of the Professional Staff Congress at CUNY, came to the meeting. Each argued our case from their own point of view.

In addition, OSA itself was represented in the discussion by Joan Doheny, now retired from her position in Personnel, and Lou Albano, former president of the Civil Service Merit Council.

The DCAS representatives promised to consider our arguments carefully.

OSA Newsline - April 17, 2006

Between Easter and Passover, there was no news last week. Hope your holiday was pleasant.

OSA Newsline - April 10, 2006

There was a meeting, a couple of weeks back, called by DC37, of leaders of unions not affiliated with DC37 but covered, nonetheless, by the citywide contract.

OSA attended, along with at least a dozen other unions. Dennis Sullivan, of DC37, led the meeting and laid out the early stage negotiations on citywide issues. A number of unions made it clear that they were pleased to hear what was going on, but would really prefer to actually be a part of the negotiations. Dennis responded that, legally, the majority union, DC37, had the bargaining certificate in citywide issues and did not, at present, wish to increase the size of their bargaining team.

Then, about a week later, a copy of a letter sent to DC37 by CWA Region 1 arrived at OSA. The Communications Workers, on behalf of Locals 1180, 1181, 1182 and 1183, were protesting. The letter challenges the assumption that DC37 can negotiate on citywide matters, in the absence of the other locals whose members will be affected. This is getting very interesting.

OSA Newsline - April 3, 2006

All of the checks contributed to the support of the Transport Workers Union have now been deposited. The total contributed was over $7,000 and the OSART executive board voted to round off the contribution upwards to $10,000 in total. Thank you letters are in progress, along with the certificates of appreciation.

OSA is now scheduled to meet with DCAS on April 17th and we do expect completion of the Administrative list either this month or early next month.

Finally, OSA has won another organizational victory. The Office of Collective Bargaining has approved 93% of the Senior Management Consultants of the Health and Hospitals Corporation for representation by the Organization of Staff Analysts. Over two hundred new members will now be allowed to join OSA, if the Health and Hospitals Corporation does not appeal further. Many thanks are due to our activists on location and both OSA’s strong organizational team and our excellent legal representatives.