News From OSA - Late September, 2004

The OSA offices on 23" Street were hit by a major flood on a weekend in early August. The water pipes on the 8th floor burst and major damage was done before the water was shut off.

Our officers, staff and volunteers put up with truly horrid conditions to keep the union running and repairs are still in progress.

The OSA September General Membership Meeting originally set for 23rd Street will be relocated to 125 Worth Street, Second Floor Auditorium. OSA has previously used that auditorium on prior occasions so many members are familiar with the location.

Brief Notes. Most members due the $1,000 payment for 9/10/04 did receive their money. The few exceptions are being handled by our Grievance office.

A number of other contracts for this period (TA, School Safety, Traffic Enforcement) are not yet negotiated but the School Safety and Traffic Enforcement contract for the last period has finally been completed and voted upon. Members of that unit can expect retroactive monies for uniform allowance, longevity and a bit more, soon.

Elections. The Municipal Labor Committee held election for its Steering Committee on September 14th.

The MLC has, on occasion, negotiated on behalf of all City employees. It did so in the different health benefit negotiations of 2002 thru 2004. Even earlier, the MLC coalition bargained for all of us in the pension "restart" negotiations during the latter days of Mayor Giuliani. In both cases, we did very well.

More recently, a number of unions chose not to allow the MLC to negotiate the current economic contract. Instead, those unions chose to bargain independently.

The settlement that was reached between the City and DC 37 was considered thereafter, by the City, to have established a pattern. Other unions are contesting the City's insistence that all unions be bound by the economic pattern set by DC 37.

OSA's position within the MLC has consistently been one in favor of all of the municipal unions negotiating jointly. We believe this provides the greatest possible strength.

At the MLC meeting this month, the Steering committee positions were up for election. Our representative was reelected by a vote of the general MLC unions. The position is unpaid and essentially advisory, but it is a matter of pride that GSA's representative was reelected by the assembled unions.

We will continue to advocate unified bargaining as the City workers' best hope for future gains and fair treatment.

OSA General Membership Meeting. The next general membership meeting is to be held on Thursday, September 30, 2004 at 125 Worth Street, 2nd Floor Auditorium, DOH Bldg., Manhattan, starting at 6pm. YOU MUST BRING PICTURE ID TO ENTER THE BUILDING.

Directions: Take the #4,5,6 trains to Brooklyn Bridge Station and walk north or the #1,9 to Franklin Street and walk east to Lafayette Street.

Bits and Pieces. Click on the link to download each of these as a PDF file.

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The Results of the MLC Election of September 14, 2004.